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Test-pumping derivative analysis to improve conceptual understanding and abstraction yields in a complex fractured aquifer: Steenbras Wellfield (Western Cape, South Africa)

Test-pumping drawdown curves do not always sufficiently indicate aquifer characteristics and geometry and should never be analysed in isolation. Using derivative analysis and flow dimension theory, inferring the regional geometries and flow characteristics of fractured aquifers that are otherwise unknown or inconclusive is possible. As the drawdown and/or pressure front propagates through the aquifer, it reaches various hydrogeological objects that influence flow regimes and imprints a sequence of signatures in the drawdown derivative curve.

Event Debrief: "Water: yesterday, today, tomorrow" (Northern Branch)

31 May 2023
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Home News Event Debrief: "Water: yesterday, today, tomorrow" (Northern Branch)

"Water, yesterday, today, tomorrow"

The Northern Branch in association with WISA Young Water Professionals and the North-West University Geoscience Society held a hybrid event focussing on the different facets of water looking at the past, present and future directions. 

Hosts: Professor Ingrid Dennis GWD Northern Branch Chair and  Thapelo Mongala GWP Young Professionals Portfolio Representative 

Presenters:  Mr Marco Morelli  -  Hydrologist: Milnex CC Environmental Consultants, Mr Thabiso Katiba  - Director and Consultant Geohydrologist: AGES Alp

An Innovative Application Of The Mixing Cell Model To Quantify Surface Water–Groundwater Interaction

The significance of a reliable groundwater resource assessment is of growing importance as water resources are stretched to accommodate the growing population. An essential component of a groundwater resource assessment is the quantification of surface water–groundwater interaction. The  insufficient  amount  of  data  in  South  Africa  and  the  apparent  lack  of  accuracy  of  current estimates of the groundwater component of baseflow lead to the investigation of a new method.