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No. The GWD focuses on Individual Membership as it underwrites an investment into the growth and support of professionalism and up keeping the standards of the profession in the field of groundwater. Should Organizations wish to be listed with the GWD, it would be done through available Engagement Options
Membership dues can be settled for Maximum 2 years in advance. A special invoice should be requested for this.
Membership dues (renewals) are payable in March to June of each year. Tax Invoices would be distributed to all Membership. New membership applications will be invoiced on approval and are payable thereafter.
GSSA membership is not compulsory. The GWD have a separate and independent membership process. Membership to the GWD however does not constitute membership to the GSSA and vice versa. The GWD and GSSA supports each other’s initiatives through special rates and rebates on goods and services.
Membership Applications should not take longer than one week. You will receive a Tax Invoice and response after EFT payment received (supported by a Proof of payment sent to [email protected]), should not take longer than 72 hours.
Your submission will go directly to the Office of the Secretariat and will be evaluated by the relevant Branch Chair sitting on the nominated Executive Committee membership panel. Membership will be approved once it has been seconded by two panel members.
You can become a member of the GWD by filling in the Membership Application form

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