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08 Sep 2021
National Hub
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As South Africa readies itself for longer and warmer days associated with the Spring, water access needs are highl
08 Jul 2021
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In South Africa and several developing and developed countries studies were concerned with microbiological quality of ground water. This talk will explore some of the results from these studies and a focus on the quality of groundwater from the North West Province.
Event Debrief: GWD Talk on Estimating Groundwater Storage changes using GRACE derived data in the Vaal River Basin
13 May 2021
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SACNASP CPD EVENT "Thank you for this mind-boggling presentation" Mr Kwazi Majola (Gauteng Branch Chair) thanked Dr Khuliso Masindi after he shared with attendees on latest GRACE research results.
Groundwater awareness
29 Apr 2021
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CPD EVENT The GWD Central Branch Dr Amy Allwright, together with the GWD National Chair Mr Fanus Fourie, hosted this Groundwater Awareness Talk that was presented by Nicolette Vermaak of the Institute for Groundwater Studies at UFS. Nicolette offered an overview of what groundwater awareness entails and shared some of her experiences. This Talk aimed
Earth layers
04 Mar 2021
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CPD EVENT Following the Talk by Helen Seyler, hosted by the Western Cape Branch on 28 January 2021, Zaheed further extrapolated on the research into the applicability of machine learning for the forward prediction of groundwater levels and flow regime using results from the dolomite aquifers in South Africa, particularly the Romotswa/North West and Gauteng Dolomites.