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Sector Engagement Questions
The GWD aims to post all available accredited sector training programs on this website as it becomes available. Should you have a specific need, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.
There are a number of Learning Institutions in South Africa that offer groundwater specific study programs. You can find them listed here (
Currently, there are no legal and licensing requirements for borehole drilling companies in South Africa. The Department of Water and Sanitation is not intending to license borehole drilling companies but rather regulate borehole drilling activities and are developing a framework for regulating drilling activities in South Africa. Visit the DWS Groundwater website to learn more
Drillers listed with the Borehole Water Association (BWA) are drillers committed to the long-term viability and professionalism of the industry and part of a network of professionals that will ensure accountability. Visit the BWA website for guidelines on selecting a driller
There are many great resources available that can explain to you exactly what groundwater is and is not. At the Division, we aim to support the growth of the knowledge sector in South Africa by fostering investment into the people that can take us forward ;) (still formulating this..)
By joining, and being accepted, as a Professional Member with the Division you will be offered the option to be listed on the GWD Professional Directory. Listings (as for consultants) are mostly commercial whereas professionals from Governmental and Research/ Councils will have the option to be listed under a separate Service category.

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