Call To Action for Early Career/YP Network

Call To Action for Early Career/YP Network

04 Mar 2022
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Update: 30 April 2022

GWD Young Professional Portfolio
Nominations/Volunteer List


Thank you for answering the call and we appreciate all nominations and volunteers. Not everybody have the time available currently, so a number of individuals noted they will be on hand to jump in anytime from the sidelines- we thank them!


Congratulations to the Young Professional Portfolio candidates that joined in the meeting with the GWD Panel in April and were subsequently appointed as the 1st GWD YP Management Committee:



Congratulations to Mr Thapelo Mongala!

Mr Thapelo Mongala Newly Appointed as:

GWD Young Professional Portfolio Representative
Mr Mongala, currently a Junior Lecturer at the Centre for Water Sciences and Management, North-West University, Potchefstroom will head the newly established GWD Young Professional Portfolio Committee. 


Should you have interest to join the YP Network leadership group as group member, please email us at [email protected] ([email protected])