Identifying Potential Managed Aquifer Recharge Zones In West Coast Aquifers, Western Cape

The overexploitation of water resources has resulted in a global decline in groundwater levels. Managed aquifer recharge (MAR) is a globally acceptable practice to manage the depletion of water in overexploited aquifers in regions with limited water availability. The West Coast of South Africa experiences a semi-arid climate with predominantly dry summers. This study aims to identify potential areas suitable for MAR in the Saldanha Bay area to maximize the water available to these areas during the dry season. This will be done through the delineation of the aquifer(s) units to determine the distribution of suitable aquifers, understanding the aquifer(s) hydraulic and hydrogeological characterises and investigate the water quality. This study focuses on 1) Frequency domain electromagnetic and electrical resistivity geophysical methods to characterise the subsurface; 2) Aquifer testing, to estimate the hydraulic properties of the aquifer(s); 3) Water quality sampling and analysis for water quality investigations. Practical considerations like distance from suitable water sources will also be considered. The expectations for this study, based on the results that should be obtained from these methods, should include the identification of several zones that would allow for MAR practices

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