Understanding Natural Groundwater Recharge Systems In The Lower Berg River Catchment, West Coast, Western Cape

The CSIR has embarked on a study to investigate the potential for additional water in the West Coast, Western Cape through the application of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR). The benefits of MAR is that it may generate additional water supplies from sources that may otherwise be wasted with the recharged water stored in the aquifer to meet water supply in times of high demand. Determining recharge is the most important aspect of hydrological system. However, the accurate estimation of recharge remains one of the biggest challenges for groundwater investigators.

Identifying suitable sites for Managed Aquifer Recharge within the Saldanha Bay Local Municipality, situated in the West Coast of South Africa

The West Coast in the Western Cape of South Africa is a water-scarce area. With pressure from population and industrial growth, recurring droughts and climate change, there is increasing urgency in the West Coast to protect groundwater resources. Saldanha Bay is dependent on groundwater as part of its bulk water supply system.

Identifying Potential Managed Aquifer Recharge Zones In West Coast Aquifers, Western Cape

The overexploitation of water resources has resulted in a global decline in groundwater levels. Managed aquifer recharge (MAR) is a globally acceptable practice to manage the depletion of water in overexploited aquifers in regions with limited water availability. The West Coast of South Africa experiences a semi-arid climate with predominantly dry summers. This study aims to identify potential areas suitable for MAR in the Saldanha Bay area to maximize the water available to these areas during the dry season.

Emergency Response To Drought - The City Of Cape Town's Groundwater Abstraction And MAR Scheme (South Africa)

The Western Cape region in South Africa is currently experiencing its worst drought since 1904. As a result, the City of Cape Town (CoCT) implemented emergency response projects to augment water supply through desalination, re-use of treated effluent and groundwater abstraction from several groundwater systems. Amongst the targeted aquifers, the Cape Flats Aquifer (CFA) presents unique challenges and opportunities for abstraction and managed aquifer recharge (MAR). The CFA is a coastal unconfined primary aquifer within the urban and peri-urban environment.

Aquifer structure and extent based on Airborne Geophysical investigation: A case study based in Saldanha Bay Local Municipality, West Coast.

Saldanha Bay Local Municipality appointed Skytem to conduct an airborne geophysical 3D aquifer mapping survey. As part of improving the sustainable management of the groundwater resources and exploring the options of Managed Aquifer Recharge, a better understanding of the aquifers is required. The Skytem technology unlocked a rich understanding of the subsurface geology and the groundwater contained in it.

MAR Southern Africa: Publication now available

26 Jul 2021
Home News MAR Southern Africa: Publication now available

"This book is authored by two South African groundwater scientists. South Africa has  the  most  experience  with  MAR  because  there  are  dozens  of  substantial  MAR applications in diverse hydrologic and geologic conditions ranging from unconsolidated aquifers in semi-arid climates to fractured rocks in desert climates. South Africa is a leader in MAR as a result of more than 50 years of research and practice supported by farsighted government funding.