Borehole Pump Operator qualification registered!

Borehole Pump Operator qualification registered!

20 Mar 2024
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EWSETA informed on its new Borehole Pump Operator qualification that was successfully registered at SAQA. The next step will be accreditation through the QCTO to roll out this qualification successfully.


National Occupational Certificate: Borehole Pump Operator 
Field 06 - Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology 
NQF Level 04 

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Borehole Pump Operator.

A Borehole Pump Operator prepares, operates, inspects, measures, samples, tests, installs, adjusts, monitors, records and maintains a borehole pump to transfer groundwater to treatment plant or reservoir to residential, commercial, and industrial establishments for safe drinking and other uses in accordance with safe working instructions, principles and best practice.

A qualified learner will be able to:
  • Operate and maintain groundwater abstraction system/borehole pump.
  • Monitor and evaluate groundwater abstraction system performance and its related equipment.
  • Perform fault-finding and troubleshooting.
  • Build and maintain relationships with stakeholders.

    Climate change continues to negatively affect the availability of both groundwater and surface water contributing to water shortage/scarcity globally. This affects the livelihoods, human wellbeing both in urban and rural settings, food security and industries in the economy throughout the country. The communities especially in the rural areas are experiencing water shortages and depend on wells which are not sustainable. Policy-makers and other key role-players in the water sector are increasingly looking for ways to achieve sustainable supply and access to water resources to meet the basic human right and industry needs hence groundwater forms an important life sustaining resource that most rural communities depend on including major sectors in the economy such as mining and agriculture.

    Currently there is limited accessibility to groundwater resources in most areas due to non-functionality of the available groundwater infrastructure as a result of vandalism, hence the need for the qualification to provide knowledge and technical skills to individuals to operate and maintain borehole infrastructure which will promote socio-economic progress in the country benefiting the communities in terms of human health and industries utilising groundwater resources in their operations thus creating the economic welfare of the country.

    Currently there are no similar qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). This qualification is therefore designed to provide learners with requisite knowledge skills, values and attitudes to operate and maintain borehole pumps to ensure optimal performance and meet constant supply of water to the various users at this level. Qualifying learner will be able to operate and maintain groundwater infrastructure. No licensing or membership requirements apply to this qualification at the time of development.

    The qualification is intended for those who wish to start a career as borehole pump operators as well as process controllers, learners who have obtained civil engineering NATED programmes as well as those who have acquired knowledge, expertise and experience in groundwater abstraction operating the borehole pumps in the real-life work environment but do not have formal qualification. Qualifying learners will gain employment opportunities at government levels (national, provincial and local) as well in private homes, business or become self-employed.

    This qualification also allows career pathing to qualifying learners to articulate vertically and horizontally in water related qualifications to practice an occupation as process controllers, technicians and technologists. 
This qualification is made up of compulsory Knowledge, Practical Skill and Work Experience Modules:

Knowledge Modules:
  • 862927-000-00-KM-01- Workplace Fundamentals, Level 3, 2 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-KM-02- Legislation, Regulations and Safety Standards, Level 4, 2 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-KM-03- Communication and Administration, Level 4, 9 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-KM-04- Water Cycle Level 4,5 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-KM-05- Groundwater Abstraction Data Collection, Level 4, 5 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-KM-06- Operation and Maintenance of Groundwater Abstraction System, Level 5, 20 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-KM-07- Groundwater Monitoring System, Level 4, 3 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-KM-08- Environment, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Ethics, Level 4, 2 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-KM-09- Stakeholder Engagement Level 4, 2 Credits.

    Total number of credits for Knowledge Modules: 50

    Practical Skill Modules:
  • 862927-000-00-PM-01- Prepare for and Operate Groundwater Abstraction System, Level 4, 10 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-PM-02- Monitor, Control and Measure Water Levels, Abstraction, Power Usage, Water Quality and Quantity, Level 4, 15 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-PM-03- Conduct Groundwater Quality Monitoring, Sampling and on-Site Testing, Level 3, 5 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-PM-04- Perform Routine Inspection on Groundwater Abstraction System Performance, Level 4, 5 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-PM-05- Perform Basic Groundwater Abstraction System Maintenance, Fault-Finding and Troubleshooting, Level 4, 15 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-PM-06- Participate in Relevant Stakeholder Forums Meetings, Level 4, 3 Credits.

    Total number of credits for Practical Skill Modules: 53

    Work Experience Modules:
  • 862927-000-00-WM-01- Groundwater Abstraction Operation and Maintenance Processes, Level 4, 20 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-WM-02- Groundwater Abstraction System Perform Monitoring and Reporting Processes, Level 4, 20 Credits.
  • 862927-000-00-WM-03- Processes of Groundwater Water Quality Monitoring, Sampling and on-site Testing, Level 3, 8 Credits.
  • 862927-001-00-WM-04- Processes of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Groundwater Abstraction System Performance and its Related Equipment, Level 4, 10 Credits.
  • 862927-001-00-WM-05- Groundwater Abstraction Maintenance, Fault-Finding and Troubleshooting Processes, Level 4, 15 Credits.
  • 862927-001-00-Wm-06- Processes of Stakeholder Engagement on Groundwater Supply, Level 4, 4 Credits.

    Total number of credits for Work Experience Modules: 77 

1. Monitor, evaluate and operate groundwater abstraction system for optimal performance.
2. Perform basic maintenance and troubleshooting on groundwater abstraction system.
3. Analyse and apply stakeholder engagement techniques to build trust and maintain relationships.