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Shall be members that are not SACNASP registered in a groundwater specific field but are SACNASP registered in another category and/or paid-up members of and registered at any related professional body such as SAICE/ SAICA, IAH-SA, WISA, GSSA, GAKZN, NACA, IAIASA and NICOLA. This category include graduates with degrees in geohydro/ hydrogeology that are working towards their professional registration.


Shall be members of the Division who are not SACNASP registered professionals in the groundwater field but have an interest, directly or indirectly, in all matters groundwater. Ordinary members subscribe to the GSSA Code of Conduct.


Shall be members who specialize and practise in groundwater specific fields, have a recognised qualification and are professionally registered by SACNASP. They may be officials of various state departments, academics, consultants or any other individual, but are required to be (a) registered with SACNASP and (b) subscribe to both the SACNASP and GSSA Code of Conduct.


Shall be bona fide students who are registered at a recognised institution for higher education, are studying groundwater and who are under the age of 26. These members may be required to assist in the running of national and regional GWD conferences, seminars or courses. Student members subscribe to the GSSA Code of Conduct.
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