Test pumping Well field analysis of a heterogeneous fractured rock aquifer.

A Case study done in the heterogeneous Tygerberg shales underlying the northern section of the Cape flats aquifer. A well field consisting of five boreholes within a 1.6 Ha area was test pumped to determine aquifer parameters and sustainable yields for the well field. The wellfield located in a highly heterogeneous geological setting, proved to be an interesting scenario for wellfield analysis and determination of sustainable borehole yields. A variety of analytical methods were used to analyse the test pumping data including the Advance FC analysis and the Cooper Jacob Wellfield analysis, both producing different results. Through the test pumping data analysis, the wellfield could be divided into sub wellfield clusters based on drawdown interconnectivity during testing. Sub wellfield clusters were confirmed using groundwater chemistry, providing higher confidence in limiting uncertainty in long term cluster connectivity.

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