Tributes are pouring in, a loss deeply felt.

Tributes are pouring in, a loss deeply felt.

13 Jul 2021
Home News Tributes are pouring in, a loss deeply felt.

 Rowena Hay: Founder and Director, Umvoto Africa (Pty) Ltd

Rest in Peace Rowena.

RHayThe GWD extends heartfelt condolences to Rowena's family, friends and colleagues- and all the people that she touched by look, deed and word - right through her commendable life's journey. We are privileged to have had the opportunity to have learned from her and to have been inspired by her. We hope to be able to, in the days to come, share more of her life and achievements with all.

Rowena was one of the giants in the Groundwater Sector and the driving force behind many young hydrogeologist in the country. Her passion and leadership shall not be forgotten. Chris and Umvoto did not lose just a wife and a director but a true companion and visionary. She laid for us an great foundation to build on further and this how we all need to embrace her legacy and build further. Fanus Fourie
I expect that sadly you have already heard this news, Rowena Hay, Chris Hartnady's wife, and obviously a key player of Umvoto, passed away of long-Covid yesterday afternoon.  Both she and Chris have been extremely ill for about the past three weeks.  Chris is making slow progress but still struggling with no energy and has a ways to go.  Rowena's passing is a huge loss to the geology and hydrology fraternity, and immensely sad given they had both started stepping away from the company to spend time doing other things including community work and projects via their Mvoto Trust.  John Bristow

I have just heard of the passing of Rowena yesterday (8 July) due to Covid-19.  Chris is also in hospital, but he is recovering slowly. Rowena made some massive contributions to the groundwater community and changed the way things are done.  The deep drilling, the TMG project and the work on the water reconciliation projects for DWS are just some of the things she led. My thoughts are with her family and her colleagues, particularly those at Umvoto. Dr Roger Parsons

John Roberts shared the sad news of Rowena's passing with me. Please share my condolences with the personnel at Umvoto and with her family. She will leave a huge gap - in her family, the company and the groundwater industry. I was privileged to know her, work with her and learn from her. Dr Nicolette Vermaak

Rowena was a formidable woman. As you say Roger, she made some massive contributions to groundwater in SA, but also to so many individuals. She is the reason I am in South Africa, after a highly colourful phone call with her from the UK that I will never forget. I am forever grateful to her for the hugely positive 6 years I spent at Umvoto under her wing. It shaped me. My thoughts and prayers are with Chris, Michael and Ruth, and all the colleagues at Umvoto. Dr Helen Seyler

Terrible news. Our condolences to family and colleagues. We trust that Chris recovers well. Dr Kevin Pietersen

She was a great scientist and hydrogeologist and certainly made a big difference in how I think about groundwater. Well, for that matter, all off you on this list I have worked with did similar. So thank you for that too. May Chris be blessed and recover well, another big teacher in tectonics and stressors that helps how we conceptualise. Sonia Veltman