Event Debrief: Eastern Cape Branch Mixer, 24 August 2023

Event Debrief: Eastern Cape Branch Mixer, 24 August 2023

30 Aug 2023
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GWD Young Professionals (Sisipho Dlakiya and Esinam Tamakloe) with Neville Paxton (Eastern Cape Branch Chair) and Adriaan Groenewald (Invited Speaker) 

On 24 August 2023, the GWD Eastern Cape Branch hosted an in-person Talk & Networking event and opened the presentation sessions to National attendees via Zoom. 

The following were presented:

The Proposed Regulations of Unconventional Gas Activities and the Fracking Fundamentals that every Hydrogeologist should know by Neville Paxton

Originally from the Louwveld, where mining, wildlife and agriculture often cross paths, Neville has always been passionate for and aware of the earth’s value. He studied Geography and Geology at the University of Pretoria, followed by an Honours Degree in Environmental and Engineering Geology (specializing in hydrogeology) also at UP. Starting out with his hydrogeology career in the Western Cape, he eventually moved up to the Karoo. He now runs a small groundwater consultancy where he spends as much time in the field with the clients  as possible, trying to get them to understand the value of groundwater and it’s important role in South Africa.

  • Intro of the evening talks
  • The proposed UGA regulations and technical terms that Hydrogeologists should know and understand
  • Intro of the next two speakers and their value in the WULA chain.


Bridging the Gap between the Technical and Legal Aspects of a WUL by Adriaan Groenewald

Adriaan has been a practicing attorney, conveyancer and notary since 1991. Having practiced mainly in property law, he has been involved in the agricultural sector, acting as a specialist advisor to Co-operatives, Eskom, Irrigation Boards and Water User Associations in respect of security of tenure and water law related matters. Adriaan is a regular columnist for the weekly magazine Landbouweekblad and speaker at agricultural open days. He is passionate about water law, and advises nationally on water law related matters. Adriaan was born and bred in the Boland, semigrated (!) to the most beautiful part of SA, the Eastern Cape, has three sons, and is happily married to Anja.

  • The draft regulations on Water use applications- progress and outlook;
  • The importance of a proper understanding of groundwater in the context of existing lawful water uses under the 1956 Water Act;
  • The need for subterranean groundwater user associations;
  • The increasing demand for the use of groundwater found on farms as resource for the general public residing in towns.


Some of the challenges by Uys Louw

I was Born in the Karoo,  was schooled in KZN, I studied in the Free State and finally put down roots in the Eastern Cape. My love for nature, justice and agriculture led me to a law practise situated in the beating heart of the agricultural Eastern Cape. I am curious by nature and enjoy new challenges and travelling. I am married to a lovely lady named Marinette.

  • Our experience of the rejection of surface water license abstractions; DWS willingness to license groundwater
  • Section 21 (c) and (i) water uses and their relationship with borehole abstractions;
  • Boreholes in the proximity of wetlands and watercourses;
  • The rejection of borehole licenses due to Quaternary catchments being “in deficit”. DWS understanding of unique groundwater resource units.
  • Capacity of the DWS to monitor and enforce license conditions;
  • Holistic water management (taking into consideration resource protection and needs of a water user). Not sacrificing the one for the other.
  • Bureaucracy v Pragmatism in license application requirements; the rejection of applications based on technical requirements; No uniformity across CMA’s




(Answers & feedback will be communicated by Neville) 

1.I would like to understand more about the WULA process for mining clients – Pontsho Tshabalala
2.Feeflow or modflow,  which is recommended? Andre Buys
3.How could we get Government to work better with private the sector to adhere to licensing compliance? Mfundo Ntuzela
4.Which area if Eastern Cape is affected by Unconventional Gas Development? Michael Maluleke
5.Do wo have the legal framework to permit or license for she gas? Azwindini Mukheli
6.Has the DWS issued any Water Use Licences for the unconventional gas projects earmarked for the Karoo area? Khathutshelo  Ravele
7.How to go about a single borehole requiring the same technical report as a well field? Costs? Cindy Viviers
8.Water licensing of drought relief boreholes at commercial sites  - Donovan Samuels
9.Are water use licences effective in protecting groundwater storage? Sisipho Mpotulo
10.Land grabs on state owned farms and risks to groundwater? Ways to capitalise on seasonal surface water in flooding periods? Nkelekane Mphahlele
11.Please touch on the subject on Groundwater abstraction in the mining industry and how it affects their WULA - Raees Abdulla