large-scale abstraction

Isotope Constraints On The Source And Residence Time Of Spring Water From The Table Mountain Group Aquifer, Paarl, South Africa

Large scale groundwater abstraction is increasingly being used to support large urban centres particularly in areas of low rainfall but presents particular challenges in the management and sustainability of the groundwater system. The Table Mountain Group (TMG) Aquifer is one of the largest and most important aquifer systems in South Africa and is currently being considered as an alternative source of potable water for the City of Cape Town, a metropolis of over four million people.

Rigorous Methodology For Sustainable Yield Estimation Using Groundwater Numerical Modelling Validation To Detailed Long Term Pumping Test Data

Groundwater numerical models are commonly used to determine the impact that groundwater abstraction has on the ability of surrounding areas to supply water, and thus to inform Water Use Licence (WUL) Applications. However, data available is often limited to that generated by relatively short-term geohydrological studies and pumping tests. In most cases this data and the degree of defined uncertainty in the model results are sufficient.