Phosphate mine

The Geohydrological Setting Of The Elandsfontein Phosphate Mine, West Coast

The Elandsfontein Phosphate Mine is situated midway between the Langebaan Lagoon and the town of Hopefield. It is located on the Cape West Coast, within the Saldanha Bay Municipality. The mine is positioned within the Elandsfontein Aquifer Unit – which comprises an upper and lower aquifer separated by an aquitard. The economic phosphate layer is situated within the saturated zone of the Upper Aquifer Unit. There are fresh water inflows into the Langebaan Lagoon and all measures must be taken to ensure the natural geohydrological flows are not impacted.

Geochemical investigations to improve the prediction of mine water impacts: A case study in the Elandsfontein Aquifer System, West Coast.

The impact of the future closure of the KROPZ phosphate mine in the West Coast on the various potential receptors including the underlying Elandsfontein Aquifer System (EAS), Langebaan Lagoon (RAMSAR-site) and wetlands were assessed. This abstract/paper describes the geochemical characterization and management options related to the waste streams from the mining activity, to assess the post closure contribution to groundwater flow from the mine towards potential receptors.