numerical modelling

Groundwater monitoring of South Africa through numerical model

Monitoring groundwater storage is conducted in the study. World Health Organisation estimates, about 55 million people affected by drought yearly. However, Surface water holds 0.3 percent of the freshwater, and groundwater holds 30.1 percent of the freshwater. Hence, monitoring groundwater storage is vital.

Recent Advances In Numerical Groundwater Modelling Of The Atlantis Aquifer, South Africa

The City of Cape Town (CoCT) metropolitan municipality seeks to identify and develop alternative water resources for the augmentation of surface water to ensure more robust and sustainable water supply to the CoCT and its inhabitants. A 3-D finite-element numerical model of the Atlantis Aquifer was developed using the commercial code FEFlow 7.1 to support the assessment of the impact of groundwater abstraction from the aquifer which has been identified as one of the target zones to develop sustainable alternative water resources as part of the CoCT water reconciliation strategy.