Event Debrief: Talk on Groundwater Development (GWD YP Committee)

02 Aug 2021
Home News Event Debrief: Talk on Groundwater Development (GWD YP Committee)

Moderators: Oudi Modisha and Awodwa Magingi

This Webinar - organised by the Young Professional Committee, GWConfEx2021 - focused on the development of groundwater resources including the status of groundwater in South Africa, major technical and social challenges within the industry and ways to address these challenges.

Groundwater Sampling Errors: The Missing Link in the Broken Chain

A hydrogeochemical analysis of multiple samples stemming from two fractured rock aquifers in the Karoo geological formation of South Africa was undertaken. The samples were taken using various sampling methods in numerous locations over varying time frames. The ion error balance for the groundwater samples from the previously mentioned secondary aquifers is further analysed. Graphical representation of the data, which includes a piper plot, gives insight into the groundwater geochemistry.