Previous Conferences

  • Groundwater: Resilience & Visibility
    Conference: 17th Biennial Groundwater Conference
    Date: 18-20 October 2021
    Venue: Menlyn Maine/ Online Pretoria, Gauteng
    Sub-Themes: Research, Innovate, Develop, Manage and Protect
    Abstracts available online: 72
  • Groundwater: The Sustainability Issue
    Conference: 16th Biennial Groundwater Conference
    Date: 21-23 October 2019
    Venue: Boardwalk ICC, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
    Sub-Themes: Water Demand, Availability and Surety
    Abstracts available online: 101
  • Groundwater: Change. Challenge. Opportunity
    Conference: 15th Biennial Groundwater Conference
    Date: 14 - 18 October 2017
    Venue: Spier Landgoed, Stellenbosch, Cape Town
    Abstracts available online: 95
  • Groundwater: From Theory To Action
    Conference: 14th Biennial Groundwater Conference
    Date: 21 -23 September 2015
    Venue: Muldersdrift, Johannesburg
    Sub-Themes: Case Studies, Groundwater and Mining, Groundwater and Service Delivery, Groundwater and the Environment, Groundwater and Water-Energy-Food security, Groundwater Governance, Groundwater in a Green Economy, Monitoring, Data and Information Management, Municipal Support, National Groundwater Strategy, National Monitoring Programme, Young Scientists
    Abstracts available online: 259
  • Groundwater: A New Paradigm
    Date: 17 - 19 September 2013
    Conference: 13th Biennial Groundwater Conference
    Venue: Elangeni Hotel, Durban
    Sub-Themes: Special WRC Dialogue Session on Karoo Aquifers and Unconventional Gas Exploration. Groundwater and mining, Groundwater governance, Groundwater and springs. Monitoring, data and information management, Knowledge gaps and innovations, Groundwater and the environment, Case Studies and Groundwater in the SADC region.
    Conference Report
    Abstracts available online: 101
  • Groundwater: Our source of security in an uncertain future
    Conference: International Conference on Groundwater - In association with the IAH
    Date: 2011
    Venue: Pretoria CSIR ICC
    Sub-Themes: Climate change and drought, dealing with uncertainty, getting the message across, exploration and water supply, reserve and lisencing, case studies, mapping and data, water and energy, water quality- changing trends and AMD, groundwater and the environment, merging science and policy.
  • Groundwater:
    Date: 2009
    Venue: University of the Free State, Bloemfontein
  • Ground Water '95
    Date: 1995
    Venue: Midrand
    Themes: Groundwater Recharge and Rural Water Supply.
  • Africa needs Ground Water.
    Conference: International Symposium jointly organised by the Division and the Borehole Water Association of Southern Africa
    Date: 1993
    Venue: Johannesburg
    Themes: Geohydrology of Africa.
  • TBC
    Date: 1991
  • Ground Water '89
    Date: 1989
    Venue: Randburg
    Themes: Groundwater and Mining.
  • Hydrological Sciences
    Date: 1987
    Venue: Grahamstown
    Themes: Southern Africa Water Resources.
  • Ground Water '85
    Date: 1985
    Venue: Pretoria
    Themes: Resource assessment, Management and Conservation
  • Ground Water '82
    Date: 1982
    Venue: Johannesburg
    Themes: Resource evaluation and management, hydrogeochemistry and pollution, modelling, mining and geotechnical aspects.
  • Ground Water '80
    Date: 1980
    Venue: Pretoria
    Themes: Ground water chemistry and pollution, Geophysical applications, ground water modelling, regional investigations, testing and development, legal aspect of ground water.