Mentoring and Capacity building

What do you get when a teacher develops a passion for groundwater? I never had a very clear vision of the career I would like to follow when I was still at school. I had this vague idea about becoming a teacher. So I began studying biological sciences, one of my favourite subjects at school. A postgraduate teaching diploma followed, with a some experience as a teacher. Teaching was, however, not for me. I left teaching and it is almost by accident that I landed in the groundwater field.

While working in the Geohydrology Sub-directorate at the Department of Water and Sanitation at the Bellville regional office from 2008 to 2019, I had the privilege to share my knowledge about groundwater with the general public and I mentored a number of young people. I also got involved with the students at the University of the Western Cape as guest lectures and became an unofficial mentor and co-supervisor for a number of students.

{Of which Nthabiseng Nooee is one, she is awesome. Contributed a number of Woman Wednesday profiles for us in August. xe)

"I recently began working on á programme to share groundwater information with learners at school and with others in the Groundwater sector. We hope to expand the programme to improve groundwater understanding at all levels."

Izelda Kids
"Above an extract report on GWD activities and how using kids & colouring, passionate people (shoutout) and willing hands and open mids #keytosuccess, around the gw science communication has bonded, and showed results. Even if only one kid starts thinking about the "saturated zone" then we can see a difference. E"
Winner place 2
Wally & Dianne Colouring competition GWD - Drawing by N Vermaak. Coulouring: N Mbatha (prizewinner Conference 2021)
Dr Nicolette Vermaak
Postdoc Researcher – Centre for Environmental Management, UFS
Email: [email protected]

Cover:Drawing by N Vermaak. Colour by E