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Selection of small water treatment
10 Feb 2021
  • Water treatment
SACNASP CPD EVENT Talk Abstract: Small water treatment plants are defined as water treatment systems that have to be installed in areas that are not adequately serviced and do not normally fall within the confines of urban areas. They are therefore mostly used in rural and peri-urban areas and include chlorination plants for water supplies from boreholes and springs, small treatment systems for rural communities, treatment plants of small municipalities, and treatment plants for establishments such as rural hospitals, schools, clinics, forestry stations, etc. Most of these applications require small plants of less than 2.5 ML/d (although plants of up to 25 ML/d may sometimes also fall into this category).
 Impacts of Climate Change
27 Aug 2020
  • Groundwater
  • Climate change
SACNASP CPD EVENT TALK ABSTRACT It’s commonly accepted that climate change will be experienced through water, particularly in developing countries. Several studies relating to the impacts of climate change on surface water have been undertaken while very little research exists on the potential impacts on groundwater.
Event Debrief: Groundwater, Boreholes, and Water Use Licences (GWD, IAH-SA)
06 Aug 2020
  • Groundwater
  • WUL
  • eWULA
  • EIA
  • specialist reports
Groundwater is not private property, and the use of groundwater requires a water use license or a general authorization. This is imperative for most environmental impact assessments, requiring even ongoing monitoring for the foreseeable future. The GWD together with the IAH-SA called together a group of dynamic ladies to present their experiences and findings around this very relevant topic that came up a number of times during social media discussions and via email queries received.
31 Jul 2020
  • Groundwater
Well done to GWD Northern Branch as this excellent presentation by Dr Reinier Dennis are inspiring and really bring a colourful and interesting pun to the words "Watch this space".