Water Reticulation Practitioner (NQF Level 04) is open

Water Reticulation Practitioner (NQF Level 04) is open

08 Jan 2023
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Water Business College (WBC) (https://www.waterbusinesscollege.co.za/) is the only QCTO accredited college offering the new Water Reticulation Practitioner (NQF Level 04) qualification.

Enrolment of learners / staff for the Water Reticulation Practitioner (NQF Level 04) is open, and the first intake is scheduled for February / March 2023. Applications are submitted online at:

The major beneficiaries of / target groups for the entry-level Water Reticulation Practitioner (NQF Level 04) occupational qualification are persons (incl. scholars) looking to enter the workforce through entry-level occupational qualifications in the water services sector as well as technical staff seeking to formalise their knowledge and years of experience (i.e. upskilling and/or re-skilling programmes).

WBC commenced with the implementation of a Pilot Programme for the entry-level Water Reticulation Practitioner Qualification (NQF 04) during May 2022 enrolling a limited number of learners. These learners, located in different provinces, are employed full-time in both the public and private sectors.

In addition, WBC developed / built a ‘hands-on’ / practical laboratory (i.e., a prototype water reticulation system) to simulate (for training purposes) the water reticulation processes / systems of water service providers (i.e. municipalities) and private industry (eg. mines, industrial plants, etc). Please see a video of our practical site by accessing the following YouTube link:

The duration of these occupational qualifications is two years – The knowledge and practical skills components are covered in year 1 while the workplace experience component comprises the bulk of year 2.

WBC is implementing a blended / hybrid learning approach:
  • Online lectures are offered on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 15h00 and 17h00 (currently 17h00 to 19h00 for the pilot programme). All lectures are recorded and forwarded to the learners the following day. The lectures are supported through prescribed readings / text as well as theoretical and practical-orientated assignments.
  • Practicals are designed to enable learners to gain a deeper / more advanced understanding of the water reticulation systems at their place of employment, whether they are working in a mining environment, at a municipality, an industrial site or are self-employed.
  • Learners will be required to attend 1 week per term (4 weeks in total during the year) for in-person, hands-on training at our practical site (please refer to the video link).
The academic programmes of WBC are structured to minimise potential impacts on the day-to-day tasks / activities of the learners that are employed.

Financial support / assistance for learners: Water Business College (WBC) concluded partnership agreements with established financial institutions offering affordable students bursaries and loans, including FUNDI and MANATI. As indicated, WBC is actively engaging LGSETA to be registered as a training provider.

WBC strives to offer occupational training programmes of quality, that is relevant and affordable.

Tuition Fees: The Annual Tuition Fee (2023 enrolment) for the Water Reticulation Practitioner Qualification (NQF Level 4) is R 45 000 for year 1 and projected to be R 35 000 for year 2. The annual tuition fees exclude the cost (i.e. accommodation and travelling costs) for attending the in-person, hands-on training at our practical site.