The new SANS 241 standard is out for public comment!

The new SANS 241 standard is out for public comment!

06 May 2022
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Home News The new SANS 241 standard is out for public comment!
SANS 241-1 and SANS 241-2 were under review with the intention to merge the two standards in to one standard which will be SANS 241:

The new SANS 241 revised standard,  available on the SABS website, are now released and available for public comment with closing date 29 June 2022.

SABS on this page go to Standards then DSS public enquiry (direct link below) and search by standard number.




Below the message from Dr Parsons calling to action all professionals to be sure to make their inputs:

Dear All
I have been advised that the new SANS 241 standard is out for public comment.
Since being involved in the drought programme of the Western Cape Government, I have become aware of how groundwater uninformed these are. The SANS 241 version of 2015 arrived with monitoring requirements which are onerous.  In addition to a standard of 170 mS/m being unrealistic across half the country, the new requirements relating to the frequency of monitoring and onsite monitoring are not based on science and are difficult and expensive to implement. The standard also requires a water quality risk assessment be prepared, and updated annually.
I will be submitting my comments, and urge you to do the same. If we don’t stand up to be counted on this we only have ourselves to blame.

Kind regards

Dr Roger Parsons   Ph.D (UFS) Pr.Sci.Nat.
Parsons and Associates Specialist Groundwater Consultants
PO Box 151, Pringle Bay, 7196, SOUTH AFRICA

New office tel:  063 403 9309
cell: 083-310-6504
email:  [email protected]

Helpful comments and downloads from Mr Richie Morris below:

Thanks Roger – hello all and best wishes to you.
The SABS download is not working too well.
  • It shows (only) 10 draft entries on the opening page – so if you use the search to find the 241 draft it will show it but there is no hyperlink on the download.
  • Rather change the SHOW entries box to 50 and the full list of 45 drafts will display.
  • Search for the 241 draft and the hyperlink is on the <download>
  • You then fill in some details and they send an email with a link to download the doc – tedious.
For ease – see attached the draft.
Also attached are:
  • The template they want one to use for comments.
  • A guideline on how to fill in the template.
The comments get sent to [email protected] and the closing date is 29 June 2022.

Good luck.

R Morris