The GWD Young Professionals share on World Water Day

The GWD Young Professionals share on World Water Day

22 Mar 2023
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Home News The GWD Young Professionals share on World Water Day

22 March 2023

Happy World Water Day!

Today, we celebrate the importance of water and the crucial role it plays in our lives. As hydrogeologists, we understand the vital importance of sustainable water use and management and show you what we do to promote sustainable water use #WorldWaterDay #SustainableWaterUse #Hydrogeologists Setjhaba Seromo Mofokeng (Pr.Sci.Nat) Thapelo Mongala Rolene Lubbe Bongeka Maphumulo (Cand.Sci.Nat) Hlengiwe Msweli (Cand.Sci.Nat. M.Sc.) Annalisa Vicente (Pr.Sci.Nat. M.Sc.)



The GWD Young Professionals shared the following important messages around Hydrogeology via their produced media clip. 

Water is essential for life, but the world is facing a growing water crisis. Hydrogeologists play a crucial role in managing water resources and promoting sustainable water use.”


“They study groundwater systems and develop management plans to sustainably use and protect this important resource.”


“Hydrogeologists work with communities and industries to promote water conservation practices. This can include promoting the use of water-efficient technologies, encouraging behavioral changes, and implementing water reuse and recycling programs.”


“They also study the movement and quality of surface water and develop plans to manage watersheds. This can include strategies to reduce erosion, restore wetlands, and protect water quality.”


“Hydrogeologists are also working to understand how climate change is impacting water resources and developing strategies to adapt to these changes. This includes developing drought-resistant crops, improving water storage and management systems, and implementing measures to reduce water demand during times of drought.”


“Hydrogeologists are also working to educate the public about the importance of water conservation and sustainable water management practices. This can include providing information and resources to individuals and communities, as well as working with policymakers to develop and implement water management policies.”


 Hydrogeologists are dedicated to saving water and ensuring that it remains a sustainable resource for future generations.