Groundwater year 2022 update.

Groundwater year 2022 update.

11 Jan 2022
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The update

Welcome Note


Dear GWD Members and Prospective Members
With the good rains over most parts of South Africa in spring and summer, 2022 is starting in the right direction. We can not forget the difficulties and sorrows of the last 2 years, but we can build on the lessons we learned and the opportunities created and move forward.

With the return of the students to physical classes and an office where you can not wear your PJs anymore; normality is insight in 2022.We are looking forward to having in-person talks with an online component this year. The new and old branch representatives are already planning various activities, and the planned activity program will be shared shortly.

I want to welcome the New Manco members Sumaya, Kwazi, and Roger. (refer also The following term of two years will be challenging but exciting at the same time. We are very excited about the new Young Professional portfolio that was approved in the updated Constitution last year. The gaps of linking all the students at all the universities and the early careers hydrogeologist can now be successfully addressed. The young professional groups of the GSSA and IAH already showed interest in meeting up with GWD group.

Let's build further.
Fanus Fourie
GWD Chairperson 2022/2023


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Check your current membership status (this connects to

Thank you Members!

We initiated a LOYALTY LOG. as far as I could with validated documents. But there are so many gaps that we hope our new LOGIN MEMBERSHIP system can over-bridge.

At the past Special AGM hosted in December 2021, Membership approved the increase on Membership Fees for 2022:Professional/ Ordinary/ Associate Membership fees: Increased from R470 to R490 p/annum (VAT inclusive)
Student/ Retired Membership fees: Increased from R70 to R90 p/annum

Just some important message. Membership will have until end April 2022 to pay on existing 2021 fee. As from May unpaid members will default to non-active members and will need to pay the 20% add-on admin activation fee to become a paid-up active member again.

(New members will not pay an activation fee. This is only applicable to lapsed membership). All current membership will be issued with Membership Invoices issued via the 1st automated roll-out launched on our newly created membership platform. Should you require an urgent invoice, please email us and we can assist.

Call for Nominations

Two positions will be called on for Nominations in 2022:

  • Nomination for a new Eastern Cape Branch Chair/Rep.

Mr Etienne Mouton served the GWD Eastern Cape Branch with great passion in the 2020/2021 term, but due to increased responsibilities in his professional capacity, had to step out of this position in the new 2022/2023 term. Nominations will be called from all Eastern Cape membership and we look forward to inform on the final outcome.

- We had a good response from Early Careers' candidates at NMU on their participation on the nominations (below) membership and active in-person hosting from 2021.

<insert link to PRIZE WINNER GWDCONFEX2021>

  • Nomination for the GWD Young Professional Portfolio Representative on the GWD Executive Committee


We are very excited by this new position accepted into the Constitution, and thus the Governing Body of the GWD. The search is now on to find the 1st appointed representative for this Portfolio. We have received two nominations to date and again invite our young members (below 35 years of age) to send us your nominations by email to [email protected] Nominations closed by 23 February 2022.


Catch-up Content


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Then there was the other issues coming up in the run of the day.


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