Gauteng Groundwater Professor - 'Science Oscar' Award Recipient : Paper published

Gauteng Groundwater Professor - 'Science Oscar' Award Recipient : Paper published

01 Feb 2023
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Prof Abiye
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Wits hydrogeologist Prof. Tamiru Abiye, National Research Foundation-rated scholar and winner of the 2021/22 NSTF-South32 TW Kambule Researcher Award, shares his insights in a paper published in the South African Journal of Science, released on 31 Jan 2023. 

This paper focuses on the role of Hydrogeology in the community water supply sector in South Africa and is useful for students and the general public.  It is available as an attachment to this article and also freely downloadable with a DOI link below:

Abiye TA. Contribution of hydrogeology to solving community water supply problems in South Africa. S Afr J Sci. 2023;119(1/2), Art. #14599.

Extract from Paper
Significance: South Africa needs qualified hydrogeologists with high-level skills to address complex groundwater supply problems through research-based solutions. Water insecurity – due to population increases; expansion of industrial, agricultural and mining sectors; an increase in water pollution; impacts of climate change; and poor water resource management – affects sustainable development of the country. Often, groundwater is used to cover the water shortfall from surface water sources, and that use requires qualified hydrogeologists. Therefore, the training of qualified groundwater professionals at the MSc level is aimed to meet the demands of various stakeholders, which is our priority to facilitate groundwater management at all levels starting from municipalities to national government departments.

Read more about the Science Oscars (NSTF Award):

Prof Abiye Words

The Ground Water Division acknowledges Prof Abiye on winning this prestigious Award, on his contribution to the Science of Hydrogeology and sharing his ongoing passion and wisdom with All those willing and eager to embark on the groundwater knowledge journey.

Warmest congratulations on your achievement Prof - You're an inspiration!