coal ash

Numerical Modelling Of a Coal Mine to Improve the Understanding of Mine Water Decant: A 1000-Piece Puzzle

A coal mine in South Africa had reached decant levels after mine flooding, where suspected mine water was discharging on the ground surface. Initial investigations had indicted a low-risk of decant, but when ash-backfilling was performed in the defunct underground mine, decant occurred. Ash-backfilling was immediately suspended as it was thought to have over-pressurised the system and caused decant. Contrariwise, a number of years later decant was still occurring even though ash-backfilling had been terminated.

Feasibility Of Coal Ash Backfilling In Opencast Mines Using The Darcy Column Experiment.

The generation of acid mine drainage (AMD), as a result of mining activities, has led to the degradation of groundwater quality in many parts of the world. Coal mining, in particular, contributes to the production of AMD to a large extent in South Africa. Although a vast number of remediation methods exist to reduce the impacts of AMD on groundwater quality, the use of a coal fly ash monolith to act as a reactive and hydraulic barrier has not been extensively explored.