What's that about Sharing Knowledge?

What's that about Sharing Knowledge?

23 May 2022
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News To Members 23 May 2022


Bodiversity Day

Biodiversity & Friends link
Well, this was a DAY for 'thinking frogs', and butterflies and bees. and fishes!! and all that makes that possible?!
Its not worth only a thought, its a mentality.


GAUTENG IS HOSTING AN OPEN EVENT 26May2022, there's a hot toddy too ;)
Link.to the EVENT here....



Online Action

Membership are invited to update their Membership Profiles with the link they each received.
Please complete and also give some attention to the field on 'engagement'. How would you like to make your impact?

There is a call on coordinated efforts. Raising one flag, so to speak:
"The ones who know how, must first share how far they've come with current knowledge
so the NEXT don't have to recreate <or run in> the wheel, but incorporate a new mode of transport...(transmission?)."

Read this <PROFESSIONAL JOURNEY> by Dr Nicolette Vermaak, New Portfolio Representative.
Link to STORIES here.....


Upcoming Knowledge Sharing Events