We Dig You! Groundwater Kids raising the flag for groundwater

We Dig You! Groundwater Kids raising the flag for groundwater

03 Sep 2021
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Groundwater Kids


Latest News. Groundwater Kids @ the Conference!

"Primary Schools are an excellent Target to lay a firm foundation. We thank you for this opportunity " - Principal form Wonderland shared with the Conference Attendees.
"We hope to expand the programme to improve groundwater understanding at all levels."  - Dr Nicolette Vermaak

Awards Time

In August 2021, The Wonderland Christian Primary School in Midrand's teachers and learners, participated in another groundwater workshop arranged by Izelda Mbatha and her Team of passionate Groundwater Educators.


Izelda, a hydrogeologist, took up science education when she discovered her own kids didn't know what groundwater is. Since then, Izelda had been reaching out to more schools and the response have been overwhelming!

Following the 1st successful Workshop with younger learners, this 2nd groundwater Education Workshop introduced Grade 4 and 5 learners to AQUIFERS through an Aquifer model kit. Using this interactive kit, Izelda demonstrated the interaction between surface and groundwater, how groundwater is extracted from the ground and how groundwater can be contaminated. The rapt and engaged audience was introduced to groundwater fundamental concepts and terminology through the use of gravel, water, syringes, colour dyes and cups.

Showing the learners some additional video material of how boreholes are drilled in practice and the drilling rigs used, it was clear that it tickled their imaginations. One learner exclaimed in awe that "we can be standing on groundwater!"

Following the class, the learners readied themselves for the performance of their - specially rehearsed- Groundwater Song. It was an absolute highlight for all in attendance and you could hear some teachers and support staff long after the class, still repeating the catchy song " In the unsaturated zone..."

The GWD also used this opportunity to launch the GROUNDWATER SCHOOL ART COMPETITION where the winners will be announced at the upcoming Groundwater Conference in October.


Izelda's passion has fired interest from NEDBANK and they will be involved in supporting some of the Groundwater Kids upcoming workshops in September as part of their Community Outreach programme.

GWKids Staff


(ltr) Andre Buys (Aquatico), two teachers from Wonderland, Izelda Mbatha, Young Professional Committee Members Awodwa Magingi and Oudi Kgomongwe (both from DWS) and Sibusiso Mbatha took part in this groundwater awareness activity among primary school learners.