I wish to register but unsure of some of the Conference details?

I wish to register but unsure of some of the Conference details?

28 Jul 2021
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Gauteng Branch: Conference 2021 UPDATE


QUESTION: I was just wondering whether there has been a final decision as to whether the GWD Conference will take place online?

Answer: It has always been envisioned as a hybrid conference so yes the online component will be strong! Really we do need that well in place to one day say yes, it was THOSE times. All major programme items e.g. oral and poster sessions, exhibitions etc. will be online but there will be physical opportunities offered as well.
It is exciting to see people supporting actual contact eventing again. There are risks and that will need to be mitigated, but we are willing to step up to the challenge.  We do envision a Studio venue in Pretoria where speakers and delegates are welcome to attend in person (note that it will be in limited capacity)  and we are also looking at the possibility of having 'satellite' sessions and socials to keep travel and accommodation cost for regional participants as low as possible but offer them shared experiences. This will need wide buy-in and we are excited to see what can develop out of the ideas tabled. We need people to register so that we can gauge the interest for in-person attendance.
The costing for the 'Networking Package' will be kept as low as possible. We advise attendees that know they will want to attend (either in Pretoria or at a venue close to them) to request a QUOTE first. They must please indicate on the registration page that they are interested in in-person sessions and will then stay on the contact list regarding. A final invoice can then be arranged closer to the date.

QUESTION: Are attendees guaranteed that they will get their full CPD points?

Answer: Definitely. SACNASP CPD will be available for Attendees and presenters. There will be monitoring of attendance (online and in-person) and Certificates will be awarded accordingly. ECSA/ SAICE CPD can be arranged if there are more than 3 delegates requesting.

QUESTION: My company is interested in getting involved. What opportunities are there?

Answer: Thank you for the interest and envisioned engagement!  We are within the next week posting our PROSPECTUS 2021. We are excited as it will offer more opportunities having both an online as well as in-person components up for grabs to get your name out there and support the Groundwater Agenda. There is also a Engagement /Sponsor Briefing online session planned and we will distribute the invitation far & wide. Email us on [email protected] to make sure you are invited.

QUESTION: Can I only buy access to the sessions that I have interest in?

Answer: We did not mention that the content will stay active for up to months afterwards? Thus offer you on-demand view and access for that needed catch-up! But if that is not actually your full viewing pleasure and you would like to select, our Committee suggested we also look into Day packages again too. Thank you for that nice question Honorable Member.
Wait up on registering now if you are not keen on the whole package!


Full package, remember to register here (link available on the Event Site)


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Feel free to contact us with any more questions! [email protected]