Groundwater @ NMU Career Expo!

Groundwater @ NMU Career Expo!

03 Oct 2022
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On 29 September 2022, the Science Student's Association (Sci-SA) in collaboration with Nelson Mandela University Science Marketing, hosted a science career exposition with the aim to expose students to the opportunities in science. They have noted that many students do not know about the careers in science, what options they can pursue after obtaining their degrees, and have attributed that - in part - to the lack of motivation and poor academic performance.

GWDECape Team
              Mr Neville Paxton and Ms Sisipho Dlakiya

The Ground Water Division was invited to expose students to what a career in Geohydrology/ Hydrogeology entails and possibilities within industry. The GWD was represented by Mr Neville Paxton (GWD Eastern Cape Branch Chair) and effervescent Ms Sisipho Dlakiya (GWD Young Professional Eastern Cape Representative). 

neville presentation

Neville presented to students on the topic " Hydrogeology: An Applied Science"

His Talk highlighted issues such as:

Definition of groundwater, Environmental and Economic value of Groundwater, Relevant qualifications and experience, Hydrogeological specialisations, Typical day of a Hydrogeologist, Career Growth path of a Hydrogeologist, Complementary and Soft Skills and the importance and value of GWD membership and SACNASP registration. Some interesting notes from his presentation:

  • Stressed that Geology as Core is highly recommended. SA expertise is much sought after internationally due to our complex geology
  • In the next 5 years Geoscientists will be high in demand due to issues such as Climate change, surface water pollution, and mining activities 
  • Wide scope for specialisation: from Researcher, Modeller, Mining Hydrogeologist, Contaminant Hydrogeologist, to name a few
  • There is lots of funding available for pursuing a post-graduate degree in geohydrology
  • Universities that offer geohydrological/ hydrogeological studies view here
  • Complementary skills: GIS, Project Management, Programming, Chemistry, Data 'champion'
  • Soft Skills: Good people skills, Physically fit, Passion for the outdoors, Good driving skills, Tech savvy, Be curious, Neat handwriting
  • He recommended all students to register with SACNASP as a Candidate when nearing the end of your graduation. This will add value on your CV and can make a difference to your starting salary.
We are looking forward to welcome these new members as most students came back and asked for assistance in filling the membership form online. They were very happy to hear about the benefits of becoming a member! 
Sisipho (right), GWD Young Professional Representative in the Eastern Cape, sharing with the young women in attendance on how rewarding this previously male-dominated field can be as a future career choice. (read also the article on Woman in Hydrogeology if you want to learn more) 


dr mahed
Special thanks goes to Dr Gaathier Mahed from the NMU Department of Geosciences who helped in spreading the word about GWD to the students by advising them to join the organisation, which is something he always does in his classes - Ms Sisipho Dlakiya

Want to learn more about groundwater (geohydrology/ hydrogeology) as a future career?

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] to send you a recording of the talk, some career guides or put you in contact with our GWD YOUNG PROFESSIONALS Committee to arrange for a visit to your school or University!