Groundwater Kids Program

Mabenge B; Famah FIB

Groundwater resources are under increased pressure from population growth, climate change and human activities, leading to widespread groundwater depletion and pollution. It is important, as groundwater professionals to communicate to the younger generation and the broader community, about this vital resource. The Groundwater Kids Educational Program was initiated in November 2020, to educate and share groundwater knowledge amongst primary and high school learners. The program consists of a series of 1 – 2 hour groundwater educational workshops held at schools throughout Gauteng Province. Each workshop comprises a short educational video clip on a selected groundwater topic, followed by an activity that involves the topic of the day, and distribution of groundwater awareness material. Lessons are prepared based on the age group and the level of comprehension of the learners. Learners get the opportunity to engage in activities designed to make learning about groundwater more exciting. These workshops provide a knowledge base for our children participate in efforts to save this resource in generations to come.

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