Water Governance Training Courses (CBSS in association with WISA)

CBSS will be presenting their popular Training Course in Water Governance,  in association with WISA, across South Africa this coming year.

An Assessment will be conducted upon conclusion of the course to ensure quality, and a Certificate of Attendance which can be used to claim THREE (3) CPD-points from WISA, SACNASP and ECSA will be awarded to successful learners.

A minimum number of twelve attendees are required for the course to proceed, and a maximum number of 25 delegates can be accommodated. Should more than the maximum number of delegates register for the course, additional Course Dates will be scheduled.

About this Course:

The Course has been developed to create understanding of Water Governance in the South African context. It covers international principles and concepts underpinning Water Governance in the broader context of our Constitutional rights relating to access to water, administrative justice, and an environment that is not harmful to our health and well-being.

The implementation of sustainable water resources management initiatives and  measures in South Africa through environmental framework legislation such as the NEMA, and the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA), as well as the NWA, WSA, and relevant regulations under these statutes, including the National Water Resource Strategy (NWRS), are discussed.

The course facilitates understanding of a number of relevant provisions in the NWA that relate to water use authorisation and the circumstances under which a WUL is required, as well as of the process to apply for (and amend) a WUL. Practical aspects associated with the substantive and procedural issues around WULAs, as currently described in regulations, procedures and guidelines of the DHSWS, including the preparation of specific documents such as Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans (IWWMPs), and regulatory requirements for water quantity and quality monitoring, the auditing of compliance with WUL-conditions, the amendment of an incorrect WUL, as well as aspects relating to the transfer of water use as well as servitudes associated with authorised water use are also covered.

The course content has been updated in 2017 to address the aspects contained in the new Regulations regarding the Procedural Requirements for Water Use License Applications (WULAs) and Appeals (GN R267), which were published on 24 March 2017.

Water Governance Course description: https://cbosss.com/our-training-solutions/course-descriptions/water-governance-training/

When: 25th August 2020 – 27th August 2020
Where: Somerset West, Western Cape

25 – 27 August, Western Cape: https://cbosss.com/event/water-governance-training-western-cape/

When: 29th September 2020 – 1st October 2020
Where: Pretoria, Gauteng

29 September – 1 October, Pretoria: https://cbosss.com/event/water-governance-training-pretoria/

Read more and register separately for these events via the CBSS website

National Chairperson: Mr Fanus Fourie
Vice-Chairperson: Ms Nicolette Vermaak
National Treasurer: Mr Yazeed van Wyk
National Secretariat: Dr Jaco Nel
National Coordinator: Ms Elanda Schaffner

Please contact this Committee via [email protected]

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