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Masana Waste and Environmental Management Pty Limited (MWEM) is a Geosciences consulting firm that focuses on Geological, Environmental and Water services. Our aim is to provide responsive, cost-effective solutions to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

At MWEM, we strive to serve our client’s needs professionally, ethically, and efficiently. Our team is available to provide professional support on a wide variety of geological, environmental and water services.

At MWEM, we ensure that you receive practical, cost effective and individualized service to meet your project schedule and financial requirements. By retaining our firm, you will access vast experience in our service fields, quality client relationships, and trust that our solutions will achieve your project goals.

Kimopax ptyltd
Kimopax is a company rendering specialized services in selected earth and environmental sciences, engineering disciplines and related project management functions. We aspire to be the leading service providers in our area of specialty, to inspire, develop, support innovative and exceptional solutions that enhance life in the changing environment.
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