Event Debrief: Principles of Efficient Gravel Envelope Well Design and Operation (GAKZN, GWD)


This event was hosted as a joint event by the Groundwater Association of KwaZulu-Natal (GAKZN) and the GWD KZN Branch, and moderated by the KZN Branch Chair, Mr Pieter Labuschagne.

Special mention and thank you to Gavin Hill (Hillson Drilling, KZN) for his assistance in organising this event.

Date: Tuesday Jun 30, 2020
Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm (SAST)
Topic: Principles of Efficient Gravel Envelope Well Design and Operation

PRESENTATION ABSTRACT The expectation of a water well is to provide a desired production rate at any given time.  This performance expectation has been expanded to not only providing the maximum production rate, but also for the well to operate at its highest efficiency. Both internal and external design and hydraulic factors must be accounted for during the design, construction, operation, and maintenance phases in order to maximize the well's production potential with minimum head losses. This presentation will highlight the critical components of the well design process and demonstrate how wells can be operated with greater water production and cost efficiency.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER Kevin McGillicuddy is the Chief Hydrogeologist for the Roscoe Moss Company with over 35 years professional experience working nationally and internationally on ground water development projects.  Kevin was a founding member and Chair of the CA/NV AWWA Water Well Technology Committee and a member of the AWWA A100 Well Standards Committee. Prior to joining Roscoe Moss Company, he worked as Director of Recharge Operations  and  as  a  Senior  Hydrogeologist  for  the  Orange  County  Water  District  in Fountain Valley, CA. He holds a B.S Degree in Geology from Boston College and M.S. Degree in Geology from the University of Southern California.

REGISTRATIONS/ATTENDEES A total number of 139 registrations were received, with 95 total stations in attendance and 46 attendees signing in their attendance via the Chat window and thus qualifying for CPD attendance.


Recording available (original unedited)

Q&A Session

Q: How does topography influence the well design?
Q: Is there a certain minimum amount of time recommended for well development when using a test pump and straining the well, and is the point of max efficiency easy to distinguish between reaching a recharge boundary?
Q: Borehole clogging is a challenge in many parts of South Africa. Do you think there is a preferable well design to reduce or eliminate clogging? Or do you think monitoring is the best solution?
Q: Within central Africa especially in the highly weathered area, Roscoe moss screens are usually recommended as the best screens but mainly Johnson screens seem to be readily available. any reason for that?
Q: Could the positioning of the pump in the well be used to limit vertical flow losses, and does the length of the screen affect vertical flow losses?

Want to engage further with the Speaker?
Please feel free to contact: Kevin McGillicuddy, P.G. Roscoe Moss Company, Los Angeles, via EMAIL: kmc@nullroscoemoss.com

Due to popular demand - we do look forward to host Kevin as presenter again in the near future. Thank you for an excellent presentation.

National Chairperson: Mr Fanus Fourie
Vice-Chairperson: Ms Nicolette Vermaak
National Treasurer: Mr Yazeed van Wyk
National Secretariat: Dr Jaco Nel
National Coordinator: Ms Elanda Schaffner

Please contact this Committee via [email protected]

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