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The GWD Chairperson of the Division invites you to explore the following:

There are various ways that you can make your clients more aware of you and your company’s services. Advertising your experience and expertise do not always need to cost you any money. The GwD are your partner in the groundwater sector and provide various platforms to you and your company more visible:

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Cost: Membership fee



Our stories

Publish your life experiences. The boreholes you have drilled in a complex geology or the high success rate poor yielding aquifers. Let us know of your research paper/work or out-of-the-box thinking solving a challenge. The platform provides you to opportunity to provide your contact details, your story (max 200 words) and Cause of your Choice.

Cost: FREE


Advertisement on the Website

Space is available to on the home page (top right column) to advertise your organisation or company. The advert can also be placed on the other pages as well.

Cost: R1,000 p/month incl. newsletter exposure


Groundwater Talks

Various Groundwater Talks are held throughout the year. Each Talk may be held in-person and/or online. Sponsorship for the live talk or the Debriefing notes / presentation are available. Logo and contact details will be displayed. Between 40 and 120 persons normally attend per talk online.

Cost: R1000 per Live talk online, Rxxx per In-person and R1000 per Debrief



Email us on: [email protected] to discuss the right fit for your company