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Groundwater Conference, Gauteng 17-20 October 2021

17 Oct 2021

_________________________________________ NEWS RELEASE PENDING. 14/04/2021 Look forward to post after the Conference Committee meet 15/04/2021) ______________________________________________ PRETORIA TSHWANE, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA The Ground Water Division of South Africa and its Gauteng Branch invite businesses, universities, municipalities, water authorities and the private groundwater users to join us in discussing and addressing these critical issues. Come and share your knowledge, your products, and your experience; or come and gain vital exposure and knowledge that you can take back to your clients or your business partners to be more water prepared! Message from the Conference Chair It is almost that time again when

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Water Governance Training Course (CBSS) *new dates* 19 Aug (Pta) & 9 Sept (Stellenbosch)

17 Aug 2021

Dear Colleagues Considering  that our current Level of COVID-19 Regulations are still in force until 15 February, and that the new strain of the coronavirus is especially virulent, we unfortunately have to postpone our Courses scheduled for 9 – 11 February (in Pretoria) and for 9 – 11 March (near Stellenbosch) to the second half of the year.   We are doing our best to comply with the government’s decision to limit gatherings for extended periods of time, and we remain committed to safeguarding the health and safety of all our delegates. Our new course dates are as follows: 17 –

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GWD Talk: Stable isotopes in precipitation and the assessment of groundwater recharge mechanisms in the Johannesburg region (GAU)

10 Jun 2021

*Save the date* More details (Abstract & Bio) to be posted soon. Early Register to ensure further communications regarding the event. [wpforms id="3124"]

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GWD Talk: To Kd or not to Kd? The importance of sorption in groundwater risk assessments (GWD Central)

01 Jun 2021

Look forward to post more information on this Talk! Do 'Early Register' to be kept on the circulation list. [wpforms id="3230"]

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GWD Talk: Municipal groundwater management: Case Studies and Principles into Practice (GWD ECape)

27 May 2021

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GWD Talk: Estimating Groundwater Storage changes using GRACE derived data in the Vaal River Basin (GAU)

13 May 2021

*Save the date* More details (Abstract & Bio) to be posted soon. Early Register to ensure further communications regarding the event. [wpforms id="3124"]

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Tdi (repeat) Webinar Groundwater Control for Earth Retaining Structures (OGI Groundwater Specialists Ltd)

29 Apr 2021

REPEAT EVENT: TDI Training Webinar Series - Groundwater Control for Earth Retaining Structures Due to popular demand and for those who missed out on the first session, The TDI Webinar Training Course presented by OGI Groundwater Specialists Ltd, Eur Ing Dr Stephen Thomas MBA FICE CEng will take place again on Thursday the 29th of April 11AM UK / 12PM SAST. The content will be the same and will discuss how to control groundwater inside, outside and beneath earth retaining structures to ensure a safe & stable working environment. This event is free for all TDI members and followers. To

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Groundwater Quality in Transboundary Aquifers (UNESCO, SDC)

12 Apr 2021

GGRETA Enroll in GGRETA03 About This Course In Southern Africa, it is estimated that about 70% of the population is dependent on groundwater resources. However, this region has a rapidly expanding population especially in urban areas and is vulnerable to climate change and variability with a profound effect on the groundwater quantity and quality. Management of groundwater, therefore, cannot be overemphasized as countries, especially arid, explore to utilize transboundary aquifers for livelihoods. This course, therefore, aims to introduce the concepts and principles in groundwater quality. A strong effort will be made to provide case studies at a transboundary level of

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Municipal Roadshow - Unlocking Water Resources for Municipal Water Supply: Groundwater Options (WRC)

26 Mar 2021

26 March 2021, 10h00 - 11h40. The Water Research Commission (WRC) in partnership with SALGA and COGTA is hosting a Municipal Roadshow webinar under the theme “Unlocking Water Resources for Municipal Water Supply: Groundwater and Surface water options’’. The webinar supports the vision of the National Water Act, 1998 on integrated Water Resources Management. The Department of Water and Sanitation’s Groundwater Strategy and the second edition of the National Water Strategy place groundwater as part of the nation-wide programme to develop water reconciliation strategies for water management areas such as Metros, towns, villages, and clusters of villages across the country.

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Mapping Groundwater Recharge Across Africa (GSSA, Wits, BGS)

25 Mar 2021

Join us for this week's Geotalk Online event   Wits School of Geosciences & Alan MacDonald (British Geological Survey): Mapping groundwater recharge across Africa Click on this link to take you to the live event: Zoom Live Link To join our mailing list and receive the talk links each week, follow this link: Geotalks Online are sponsored by John Hancox and CCIC Coal! Visit their webpage here

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Webinar by TDI: Monitoring to Manage Groundwater Resources (Umvoto)

24 Mar 2021

Monitoring to Manage Groundwater Resources Wednesday the 24th of March 3PM CET / 4PM SAST, make use of this time zone converter. The webinar is presented by Umvoto Africa and will discuss making sense of monitoring data to inform regional and local groundwater management practice. This session will illustrate, through a series of case studies, different monitoring techniques in various groundwater environments and how this data can be used to optimize groundwater management. In an effort to raise the standards and quality of the dewatering industry worldwide and increase knowledge sharing within the community, TDI is providing a range of free webinar training courses, developed in

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Talk: Localizing regional scale groundwater big data using machine learning (GWD WCape)

04 Mar 2021

Following the Talk by Helen Seyler, hosted by the Western Cape Branch on 28 January 2021, Zaheed will further extrapolate on the research  into the applicability of machine learning for the forward prediction of groundwater levels and flow regime using results from the dolomite aquifers in South Africa, particularly the Romotswa/North West and Gauteng Dolomites. The research supports a larger programme researching the use of big data analytics for water secure transboundary systems. ABOUT ZAHEED (via LinkedIn): Specialist groundwater consultant with expertise in groundwater exploration services, earth sciences related services, borehole drilling services and water quality analysis related services, amongst

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Pumping Tests (TDI Training Event)

04 Mar 2021

Pumping Tests TDI Training Webinar Series Pumping Tests – Fundamental concepts, site data collection and analysis Thursday 4th of March - 2PM CET / 5 PM SAST This session will be presented by GEOSS and covers some basic hydrogeological concepts to introduce attendees to the ways in which groundwater is stored and flows. The purpose of the webinar is to present on how test pumping is correctly performed, so as to collect the necessary on site information which can be used to calculate expected groundwater flows and help to design suitable dewatering schemes. To register click here

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Well screens & Casings (TDI Training Webinar)

25 Feb 2021

Well screens & Casings Thursday 25th of February- 4PM CET / 5PM SAST This session will be presented by one of our founding members Roscoe Moss. It will focus on Well Screens and Casings and provide an overview of different materials and screen types available, its applications, ranges of use, as well as technical considerations. To register click here  

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Talk: Groundwater Awareness (GWD Central)

19 Feb 2021

The GWD Central Branch is hosting a Groundwater Awareness Talk that will presented by Nicolette Vermaak of the Institute for Groundwater Studies at UFS. Nicolette will offer an overview of what groundwater awareness entails and share some of her experiences. This Talk will also create a platform for those who are already - or want to become - involved with groundwater awareness initiatives to get together with like-minded people, looking at existing drives and future needs and possibilities. Awareness can be defined as knowledge or perception of a situation or fact, concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation

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Webinar: An introduction to groundwater modelling with FEFLOW (DHI-SA)

10 Feb 2021

FEFLOW is widely recognised as a comprehensive software package for subsurface flow and transport simulation. FEFLOW’s unique meshing capabilities (structured and unstructured) allows for the highest degree of flexibility to account in detail for the most simple to complex geometrical configurations. The software is used by leading research institutes, universities, consulting firms and government organisations all over the world. In this one-hour webinar, Dr. Carlos Rivera Villarreyes, Global Product Specialist – FEFLOW, will provide an introduction to groundwater modelling with FEFLOW. In this 1 hour webinar, Dr. Villarreyes will provide an overview of software capabilities to support you with the

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Drilling Methods & Techniques in Resource Exploration (GSSA)

09 Feb 2021

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The Vadose Zone in Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (UP Geology/GWD)

04 Feb 2021

The Vadose Zone in Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology - Research by UP Geology Join us for a FREE one-hour series of talks on recent research on unsaturated hydraulics and the role of the vadose or unsaturated zone in engineering geology and hydrogeology. The Department of Geology has for the past decade focused on how the soil and rock between land surface and the phreatic or saturated zone behave with respect to highly variable moisture contents. We contributed to knowledge on variably saturated flow through soil, rock defects, karst, and the interfaces between these media.   The talks will be presented

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Talk: Machine Learning modelling techniques for groundwater availability in RSA Dolomites (GWD WCAPE)

28 Jan 2021

About the Talk: Fundamental to the definition of groundwater availability and the management of any aquifer is an understanding of the changes in groundwater levels and storage, recharge, and groundwater discharge to surface water, when the aquifer is pumped. This understanding forms the foundation for the determination of limits of future abstraction and thresholds of unacceptable impact, and provides a tool against which to compare future datasets and make groundwater management decisions. Given the complex nature of groundwater and the interdependent responses of the system to change, quantifying the relationship between the aquifer flow regime and abstraction, and determining the

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Workshop: Vadose Zone Hydrology in Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (UP)

19 Jan 2021

Brief Description View/ Download the full brochure The vadose zone stretches from land surface to the groundwater table, where moisture in intergranular pore space and rock defects occurs at variable water saturation and at negative pore water pressures. Theory in the occurrence and movement of water in unsaturated conditions in soil and rock media is developing, with improved understanding reducing the uncertainty in conceptualizing and characterizing these complex systems.  The vadose zone dictates how water exists and moves in the shallow subsurface. This, in terms of engineering geology, inevitably leads to volume change of ground, changes in the corrosiveness of

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WISA 2020 #AllHandsOnDeck

07 Dec 2020

#AllHandsOnDeck for WISA2020 in December One thing that we all know about water is that it always finds a way to get over, under or through any obstacle that may stand in its way. It is no surprise then, that when we realised that the South African government proclamation against gatherings of more than 100 people meant that our meeting in June would have to be cancelled, our amazing team of organisers put the #AllHandsOnDeck mindset into action. The result is that WISA2020 is definitely going ahead with the same excellent sessions and – pending confirmation – the same excellent

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3rd SADC Groundwater Conference (SADC-GMI)

24 Nov 2020

THEME: Enhancing Water and Food Security through Sustainable Groundwater Development in the SADC Region.  Online Conference: 24-26 November 2020 BACKGROUND Parts of Sub Saharan Africa makes little use of its groundwater resources, which contributes only 1% of total renewable water resource withdrawals for agriculture. Projected and continuing changes to the amount, intensity and predictability of rainfall in much of Southern Africa will lead to changes in the way the region views its groundwater resources. Increasing water scarcity will be particularly difficult for smallholder farmers who produce 90% of Africa’s food who haven not access to central water supply infrastructure. Currently,

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Groundwater workshop: Setting the standards – Borehole Drilling; Pumping Tests and Monitoring (IAH-SA)

11 Nov 2020

11-13 November 2020, Stellenbosch University. Being in South Africa we have all be exposed to the pressures associated with drought. In drought situations, we see how it becomes mayhem with numerous short-cuts being taking, incorrect methodologies being implemented and over-inflated prices and opinions being applied and pronounced in the drought regions. As water supply engineers, hydrogeologist and scientists, we all need to learn from one another and adhere to some form of standards in the areas of borehole drilling, pumping tests and monitoring. These standards need to be applicable in both drought and non-drought times and the more we learn

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Talk: Natural Attenuation of AMD-Case Study (GWD Gauteng)

06 Nov 2020

Natural attenuation of acid mine drainage by various rocks in a typical Karoo coalfield: case study of the Witbank, Ermelo and Highveld coalfields, South Africa Sakala1,2, F. Fourie2, M. Gomo2 and G. Madzivire1,3 Council for Geoscience, Pretoria, South Africa Institute for Groundwater Studies, University of the Free State The University of South Africa, Department of Environmental Science, 28 Pioneer Avenue, Florida Park, Roodepoort, 1709, South Africa ABSTRACT In the Karoo coalfields, mining operations which release acid mine drainage (AMD) are threatening groundwater resources. An important parameter controlling the extent and severity of AMD impacts is the natural attenuation of rocks

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GAKZN Webinar in association with GWD & UKZN

29 Oct 2020

You are hereby invited to attend a GAKZN Webinar hosted in association with the GWD and the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Two speakers will presenting their research: Presentation 1: Analyses of Groundwater Storage Change in the Usutu-Mhlatuze Drainage Region using GRACE Satellite Data TALK ABSTRACT: The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite data interpretation provides an integrated measure of monthly terrestrial water mass changes. The GRACE satellite data has been successfully used to estimate the monthly changes of terrestrial water storage (TWS) including groundwater storage changes. This presentation will provide an overview and application of the GRACE satellite product to

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Lunchtime Talk: The influence of groundwater abstraction on surface water levels, Victor Ntsako (GSSA)

08 Oct 2020

          Register Online for this GSSA hosted Talk

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Talk: Building a puzzle: developing a groundwater conceptual model (GWD Central)

02 Oct 2020

TALK ABSTRACT Science is a living document; it grows and expands as more information becomes available and our knowledge grows. It makes use of hypothesis, experiments, observations, and measurements. Groundwater scientists have a difficult task. They work in a system that is not visible, and they cannot take it into a laboratory to study. They use geophysical methods and drill boreholes to get an idea of the groundwater system that they are studying. These become the building blocks – the puzzle pieces – that are used to develop the conceptual model. This is the hypothesis of the groundwater scientists. Fortunately,

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Talk: Selection of small water treatment systems for potable water supply to small communities (GWD ECAPE)

11 Sep 2020

TALK ABSTRACT  Small water treatment plants are defined as water treatment systems that have to be installed in areas which are not adequately serviced and do not normally fall within the confines of urban areas. They are therefore mostly used in rural and peri-urban areas and include chlorination plants for water supplies from boreholes and springs, small treatment systems for rural communities, treatment plants of small municipalities and treatment plants for establishments such as rural hospitals, schools, clinics, forestry stations, etc. Most of these applications require small plants of less than 2.5 ML/d (although plants of up to 25 ML/d

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Talk: Impacts of Climate Change on Groundwater: current state of research (GWD GAU)

27 Aug 2020

  TALK ABSTRACT  It’s commonly accepted that climate change will be experienced though water, particularly in developing countries. Several studies relating to the impacts of climate change on surface water have been undertaken while very little research exists on the potential impacts on groundwater. Hence, this talk aims to discuss some of the current research with respect to climate impacts on groundwater. Various methods are proposed for estimating climate change impacts on groundwater, such as using hypothetical scenarios of progressive drying to assess stream flow sensitivity to drought, using MODFLOW to investigate projected effects of climate change on groundwater or

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3D Geomodelling Webinar (GSSA)

21 Aug 2020

Theme: MODELLING Please download the brochure for more information on this course hosted by the GSSA: Geomodelling_Info,_Prog_and_Registration ABOUT THE COURSE Recent trends in mining and exploration are set to further accelerate the demand and growth of 3D geological modelling software. These trends include the inevitable increase in cost per ton of resource and global economic slowdowns. These require companies to constantly cost-cut during extraction and to improve resource delineation. Add to this the trend that new discoveries are deeper and in more structurally-complex setting, and it’s apparent that a great deal of attention needs to be focused on getting the

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Talk: Case Study-Assessment of the impacts of climate variability on total water storage (GWD GAU)

14 Aug 2020

Assessment of the impacts of climate variability on total water storage in the Orange-Senqu River Basin:  implications for groundwater resources management by Dr Tales Carvalho-Resende TALK ABSTRACT: Alongside the effects of climate change and anthropogenic factors, natural climate cycles have considerable impacts on the hydrologic cycle. In this study, we look at how global climatic oscillations cycles, like El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) affect total water storage and groundwater storage in the Orange-Senqu River Basin by analysing two large aquifers: the Stampriet Transboundary Aquifer System (STAS) shared between Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, and the

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Talk: Groundwater Mobile App Development to engage citizen science (GWD Northern Branch)

31 Jul 2020

PRESENTATION ABSTRACT Public domain borehole information in South Africa is generally stored in the National Groundwater Archive (NGA) and the Groundwater Resources Information Project (GRIP) databases of which both are centralized databases. The GRIP database is updated by the Department of Water and Sanitation, but only covers one of the nine provinces. The NGA on the other hand covers the entire country, however there is a backlog of borehole information that needs to be captured, and it has limited time series data. The reason for the poor time series data is twofold (i) groundwater monitoring is expensive due to the

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Webinar: Groundwater, Boreholes, and Water Use Licences (GWD, IAH-SA)

23 Jul 2020

Groundwater is not private property, and the use of groundwater requires a water use licence, or a general authorization. This is imperative for most environmental impact assessments, requiring even ongoing monitoring for the foreseeable future. We are ready to answer all your questions following short presentations during a live panel webinar with experts: Should you license your groundwater use? What is the requirements from the Department? What water uses require licensing? Do I need a hydrogeologist/ geohydrologist? How do I apply for a water use licence? What needs to be covered in the groundwater report? What should I get from

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SAIEG Webinar: Environmental Risk Assessment for Cemeteries, Prof MA Dippenaar

02 Jul 2020

Thursday, 2 July 2020 @ 15:30  OPEN/PRINT THIS INVITATION Investigation for cemetery sites require the detection i.            of a wide range of different contaminant groups, ii.            at typically very low concentrations (if present), iii.            as well as natural and geological impacts on the proposed developments; and iv.            with important safety and human and ecosystem health effects if undetected. The issues of interment and how we deal with the deceased in general transect disciplines of natural science, engineering and social science. Given the sensitive nature of interment and the established notions of acceptable practice at an individual and personal level, assessment

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SAIEG NOTICE: Free CPD accredited webinar: Extractive Remedial Technologies Design and Pilot Testing (MPE, DPE, SVE, P&T)

01 Jul 2020

Presenter:  Filipe Couto (RSK) Filipe has over 20 years’ experience in risk-based remediation globally. Felipe’s expertise particularly lies in the design and optimisation of in-situ remediation techniques to maximise contaminant mass recovery to reach regulatory closure. To sign-up, click on the following link in order to obtain your CPD point (0.1): Register Instructions on how to register: Follow link to registration Click on “Book now” Choose ticket (select ticket price): Free ticket Scroll down. Click on “Book ticket” Complete form. Click “Save and Continue” Click on “Get Ticket Now” You will receive a confirmation email from Evented. The webinar is

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Online Talk (3): Principles of Efficient Gravel Envelope Well Design and Operation (GAKZN, GWD)

30 Jun 2020

The expectation of a water well is to provide a desired production rate at any given time.  This performance expectation has been expanded to not only providing the maximum production rate, but also for the well to operate at its highest efficiency. Both internal and external design and hydraulic factors must be accounted for during the design, construction, operation, and maintenance phases in order to maximize the well's production potential with minimum head losses. This presentation will highlight the critical components of the well design process and demonstrate how wells can be operated with greater water production and cost efficiency.

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Online Talk (2): Fate and transport of Microplastics in Groundwater (GWD WCape)

19 Jun 2020

Candice Lascher at City of Cape Town is a PhD candidate at UWC supervised by Dr Jaco Nel and Dr Sumaya Israel. Candice Lasher-Scheepers (Pr. Sci. Nat, MSc.), a Principal Professional Officer – Geohydrology: Bulk Water Branch; Water and Waste Directorate at the City of Cape Town, did her BSc EWS and BSc Honours (EWS) and Masters at UWC. She is currently registered as a PhD candidate at UWC.  She will be our first presenter in the Western Cape. Her topic of research is very interesting! Date: Fri Jun 19, 2020 2:30pm – 3:30pm (SAST) Time: 2:30pm – 3:30pm (SAST) Topic: Fate

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Talk: (1) Experience with and practical tips on fieldwork (GWD Northern Branch)

29 May 2020

Join our GWD Northern Branch hosting the following online talk on the 29th May @ 14:00- 15:00 Theme: Sharing experience with and practical tips on fieldwork (1) Field work & the focus on geophysics AT Receiver - Pseudo Science or a method worth investigating Ray van Rensburg Managing Director of Geotron Systems, a geophysical manufacturing company Ray van Rensburg is the Managing Director of Geotron Systems, a geophysical manufacturing company.  He, together with its predecessor Chemtron, have been building geophysical equipment since 1971. Geotron was founded in 1987 after the buy-out. Geotron also operates a contracting / consultancy division. Considerable

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Bushveld PGE Webinar (GSSA)

29 May 2020

29 May 2020, 08:30 a.m. The GSSA are hosting a 2020 Bushveld PGE Workshop to be held in Mpumalanga. We have rounded up prominent members of the PGE fraternity in South Africa, the UK and Canada for informative talks. Our speakers come come from academia, government and industry and include Dr Ian Basson, Dr Danie Grobler, Prof Wolfgang Maier, Prof Pedro Jugo, Nicole Wansbury and understanding the emplacement of the Bushveld Complex and the Platreef. The duration is approx. 4 hours collectively, which equates to 4 CPD points on the GSSA system or 0.4 CPD on the SACNASP system. Members

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Talk & Networking (GWD Central Branch) *POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

22 Apr 2020

POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Save the date - Covid-19 permitting. Join the GWD Central Branch for this Opening event The Central Branch members are invited to meet and listen to current groundwater research discussions and network with geohydrologists in the central South Africa. This talk & networking opportunity will be free for GWD/ GSSA/ IAH-SA members. R50.00 for non-members. Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities available. Communications with the GWD Central Branch Chair, Dr Amy Allwright welcomed. Contact us ([email protected]). RSVP opportunity for this event will open closer to the date.    

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WRC Dialogue: Improving groundwater development and management at municipal level

16 Mar 2020

This event was cancelled in the light of Covid-19 health safety precautions. Date: 16 March 2020 | Time: 13:30 – 16:00 Venue: Water Research Commission Offices, Lynnwood Bridge Office Park Groundwater plays a pivotal role in ensuring water security in South Africa. It supplies approximately 13% of the total water supply but often provide up to 100% of water supply to some areas. It is thus a resource of strategic importance. However, it development and management does not reflect this importance. The development of the resource is left at the mercy of municipal procurement and poor operation and maintenance. Groundwater,

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Borehole Sustainable Yield Test for Water Supply Training (SADC-GMI)

24 Feb 2020

"Borehole Sustainable Yield Test for Water Supply Training: from THEORY TO PRACTICAL: The closing date for registration has been extended to 24 January 2020 SADC- GMI is offering a Borehole Sustainable Yield Test for Water Supply Training: from THEORY TO PRACTICAL . The training will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, 24- 27 February 2020. The objective of the training is provide an excellent opportunity for hands-on real life technical training on how to properly conduct a borehole sustainable yield test, data collection, processing and analysis to estimate the yield. Please click the link below for more information regarding the

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New 2020/2021 Executive Committee Welcome & Year End Function GAU

03 Dec 2019

Dear Member & prospective Member You are herewith cordially invited to attend the GWD Year End function that will follow shortly after the GWD outgoing 2018/19 ExCo meeting with the Newly Elected 2020/21 Committee that will take place at the same venue @ Protea Hotel Fire and Ice Menlyn on Tuesday, 3 December from 16:30. After the ExCo meeting (ending 16:30), the Cocktail function will commence where we wish to spend some time together in reminiscence and celebration of an eventful 2019. The Cocktail function will start at 16:30 with a few words from the outgoing Chair, a few words

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African Exploration Showcase/Technology Day 14 - 15 November (GSSA)

14 Nov 2019

        ABOUT AFRICAN EXPLORATION SHOWCASE African Exploration Showcase programme The 2019 African Exploration Showcase will focus on the metals and minerals critical to the technologies for a low carbon energy future:technology enabling commodities that are commonly referred to as“Critical Metals”.“Critical Metals” is not accurate in that commodities in this basket are not always metals (e.g. graphite); and ambiguous in that “critical”can refer to the significance of the commodity to a technology (i.e.the technology would not be viable without the commodity) as well as the security of supply of the commodity which is influenced by factors that change

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31 Oct 2019

VOLUME TITLE:                       Groundwater: Data, Disaster and Dependency GUEST EDITORS:   Prof Matthys A Dippenaar, University of Pretoria (senior lecturer); Ground Water Division of the Geological Society of South Africa (national chair); [email protected] Dr Shafick Adams, Water Research Commission (research manager); Ground Water Division of the Geological Society of South Africa (past national chair); [email protected] MANAGING GUEST EDITOR:    Matthys Dippenaar RATIONALE: Groundwater is used widely throughout the African continent, with millions of people being dependent on the availability of sufficient quantities groundwater of acceptable quality. However, as was evident with the recent drought, as well as numerous other extreme events

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2019 Groundwater Conference: Conservation, Demand & Surety (GWD)

20 Oct 2019

The Ground Water Division was established in 1978 as a division of the Geological Society of South Africa with the objective of advancing the science and technology of groundwater.  Our biennial groundwater conference has been pivotal in sharing knowledge about groundwater in South Africa, with this being our 16th three-day event.  Our conferences have always centered around the science of groundwater, new technologies, networking and meeting people who are passionate about groundwater, but this year we also want to focus on Water Use and Conservation, with the emphasis on groundwater.

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PEST COURSE: Principles and Practice of Model Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis (GWD)

17 Oct 2019

PEST Two Day Course with Optional Third Day 17,18 and 19 October 2019 Beach Hotel, Port Elizabeth Get a ticket (Registration)  Request a quote REGISTRATION CLOSED- * This course is registered for 3 CPD SACNASP points* Recommended by our Professionals: The comprehensive overview of model calibration and in-depth understanding on the intricacies of uncertainty by Professor John Doherty is great value for money. It is very scarce that the actual developer devotes his time to present a course and thus this course is highly recommended.  PEST is the industry standard along with the US UCODE software for groundwater parameter estimation

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IAH-SA/GWD WCape Branch: Farewell to Ms Nicolette Vermaak

19 Sep 2019

THE WESTERN CAPE IS BIDDING FAREWELL TO NICOLETTE VERMAAK (DWS) Time: 16:15 for 16:30 - 19:00 Date: Thursday, 19 September 2019 Venue: Seminar Room 1D, Life Sciences Auditorium, University of the Western Cape TOPIC: The geohydrology of the West Coast, Langebaan - more pieces to add to this fascinating puzzle. Introduction: Julian Conrad (IAH-SA) Main speaker: Nicolette will be presenting the findings of her PhD research Closing: Dr Jaco Nel (GWD-WC)   Cheese and Wine served afterwards RSVP: 17:00 Monday, 16 September 2019 with [email protected]

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SADC-GMI 2nd Conference

04 Sep 2019

SADC Groundwater Conference The Southern African Development Community – Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI) in collaboration with the United nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – International Hydrogeological Programme (UNESCO-IHP), the International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre (IGRAC), the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) and Department of Water and sanitation – South Africa are proud to announce their 2nd Annual Groundwater Conference to be held under the theme “Groundwater Contribution to achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in SADC Region.” The conference will be hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa, during 4 – 6 September 2019. The conference will provide

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GWD Gauteng Branch Mixer: Talks & Networking

29 Aug 2019

The GAUTENG Branch of the Ground Water Division invites you to a MIXER that will feature some interesting talks by esteemed GWD Honorary members and an opportunity to socially engage with other members and prospective members of the Branch. "From the past - into the Future" DATE: 29 August 2019 TIME: 16:30 - 19:30 VENUE: WRC Offices, The Well, Pretoria The majority of the world’s current environmental problems can be traced back to industrialization. Issues such as climate change, groundwater contamination, unsafe levels of air pollution, toxins in rivers and soils, overflowing levels of waste on land and in oceans,

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Water Resources Dialogue, Namibia, Windhoek, 22 - 27 July 2019

22 Jul 2019

Water Resources Dialogue: China-Africa Water Forum Series No. 7 - Third Announcement - Organized by China Africa Water Association (CAWA), Hosted by the Namibian Hydrogeological Association (NHA) in Namibia in partnership with Namibia Scientific Society and the Namibian Chamber of Environment and supported by UNESCO Chair in Hydrology at UWC (South Africa). Institute of Africa Water & Environment at HUE, International Research Centeron Karst (IRCK) in Guilin China, T.Y. Lin International (China), Irstea (National Institute for Environmental and Agricultural Science and  Research, France). View and download full brochure: 3rd announcement China Africa No.7_13apr19 (1) - 2mb Abstract Submission to: [email protected]

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GWD Central Branch Symposium

12 Jul 2019

GWD Members and Prospective Members: CPD event You are invited to attend the GWD Central Branch Symposium to be hosted at the Venue: IGS at UFS in Bloemfontein Date: 12 July 2019 Time: 10:00 - 14:00 Cost: No attendance fee (but non-GWD members will be invited to join, no obligation) Presenters: Dr Eddy van Wyk, Golder Associates: The Application of Isotope Hydrology and Supporting Tracers in Subterranean Flow Studies - GSSA Event Abstract - E van Wyk-1 Mr Fanie de Lange, UFS IGS:  Hydraulic Fracturing Research - GSSA Event_Abstract_ Fanie de Lange HF in the Karoo Basin Mr Ray van

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GWD Field School 2019 (GWD WC)

24 Jun 2019

GWD Field School 2019, Western Cape  Industry attendance: 25-27 June 2019 Full-time Honours Students: 24-28 June 2019 Click here to view: 2019 Groundwater Field School _Final Programme Presenters 2019: Christian Steyn (NWU), Martin De Klerk (Cape Geophysics), Dr Matthys Dippenaar (UP), Candice Lasher-Scheepers (CoCT), Dr Jaco Nel (UWC ), Christiaan Vermaak,  Angelo Johnson (UWC), Steve Kalule (USK Environmental), Dr Kelley Reynolds (Eskom), Dr Gideon Tredoux The GWD is delighted to announce that the 2019 Field School will be hosted by our GWD Western Cape branch this year! Building on the successes of the annual Industry Field Schools (hosted in Gauteng in 2016-18) and

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Ground Water SDG 6.6.1 Future Indicators Workshop (DWS)

15 Apr 2019

Dear Stakeholder South Africa has committed to working towards the SDG Goals, and ground water is extensively featured in SDG 6. As the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), we have been working on the ground water indicators for SDG 6.3 (By 2030, improve water quality by reducing pollution, eliminating dumping and minimizing release of hazardous chemicals and materials, halving the proportion of untreated wastewater and substantially increasing recycling and safe reuse globally Quality) and SDG 6.6 (By 2020, protect and restore water-related ecosystems, including mountains, forests, wetlands, rivers, aquifers and lakes). We invite you to the Ground Water SDG

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Training in Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) (IAH-SA)

10 Apr 2019

Presenters: Global experts Russell Martin (WGA - Australia) and Ricky Murray (Groundwater Africa – South Africa) CPD: SACNASP CPD Points (3) The aim of this technical training workshop is to provide attendees with an appreciation and practical understanding of the technical, scientific, engineering design, and regulatory issues that need to be addressed when contemplating managed aquifer recharge systems that utilise aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) bores or recharge basins.  This three-day course, inclusive of a one-day field excursion, will guide participants through the pre-requisites for, and technical feasibility of MAR systems for a variety of water sources, aquifer types, and

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Central Branch: Groundwater Symposium (GWD)

06 Mar 2019

Groundwater Symposium GWD Central Branch Venue: IGS at UFS in Bloemfontein Date: 12 July 2019 @ 10h00 to 14h00 The GWD Central Branch, serving the greater Free State, North West and Northern Cape, invites all members and prospective members to join in this 1 day Symposium: Time Topic 10h00 Welcome IGS 10h05 News & progress GWD 10h15 Dr Eddy van Wyk, Golder Associates The Application of Isotope Hydrology and Supporting Tracers in Subterranean Flow Studies 11h15 Mr Fanie de Lange, IGS Hydraulic fracturing research 12h15 Mr Ray van Rensburg, Geotron Systems AT Receiver: Pseudo science or a method worth investigating?

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Professional Course: Vadose Zone in Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (UP)

20 Feb 2019

The Vadose Zone: Variable Saturation in Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology Presented by the Department of Geology, University of Pretoria Variably saturated flow conditions are increasingly relevant to geotechnical and hydrogeological assessments. This is most evident in the so-called vadose zone that extends from land surface to the phreatic surface, and which is characterised by variably saturated hydrological systems mostly at negative pore water pressures. The Vadose Zone: Variable Saturation in Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology short course explores this zone which is fundamental in understanding the subsurface component of the hydrological cycle, emphasising processes such as evapotranspiration, interflow, and groundwater recharge.

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GWD Western Cape Drought Symposium

02 Nov 2018

Date: Friday, 2 November 2018 Time: 09h00 – 15h00 Venue: Life Sciences Building, University of the Western Cape Cost: R500, Students R50 Background The current drought has left immense stresses on our water resources in various parts of our country, and especially in the Western, Eastern- and Northern Cape. As a result, we saw an accelerated development of groundwater resources. But do we really know what the impact of the ongoing drought has been on our groundwater resources? What data – if any - do we have to quantify this impact? In addition, we are gathering some new or additional

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SADC-GMI / IWMI-SA Groundwater Conference

26 Sep 2018

The Southern African Development Community – Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI) and  the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) are proud to announce their 1st Annual Groundwater Conference to  be held under the theme “Adapting to Climate Change in the SADC Region through Water Security – A Focus on Groundwater”. The conference will be hosted at Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, during 26–28 September 2018. The conference is in response to the very high dependence of human populations and ecosystems on groundwater in the region. It is estimated that over 70% of the 250 million people

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GWD WCape Symposium, 2 November 2018

02 Aug 2018

GWD Western Cape presents: A one-day symposium TITLE: Groundwater and The Drought: Between a rock and a wet place. Date: 2 November 2018, Thursday Time: 09h00 – 15h00 Venue: UWC Cost: R500, Students R50   Background The current drought has left immense stresses on our water resources in various parts of our country, and especially in the Western, Eastern- and Northern Cape. As a result, we saw an accelerated development of groundwater resources. But do we really know what the impact of the ongoing drought has been on our groundwater resources? What data – if any - do we have

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National Chairperson: Mr Fanus Fourie
Vice-Chairperson: Ms Nicolette Vermaak
National Treasurer: Mr Yazeed van Wyk
National Secretariat: Dr Jaco Nel
National Coordinator: Ms Elanda Schaffner

Please contact this Committee via [email protected]

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