World Water Week 2010

The World Water Week, 5-11 September 2010

This year groundwater management and protection will receive special attention whereby delegates will explore how to create a balance between the exploitation of groundwater and the increasing demand for water around the world.
Groundwater resources are being over-abstracted and face an increasing risk of pollution from urbanisation, industrial development, agricultural activities, and mining enterprises.

Groundwater focus events at 2010 World Water Week in Stockholm include:

The Potential of 3R to Improve Water Quality and Quantity
Workshop 5: Management of Groundwater Abstraction and Pollution
Groundwater Management and Protection: GW-MATE Lessons LearnedWater Quality in Capacity Development: Policy Options and Practical Solutions in the National and Transboundary Context
Managed Aquifer Recharge for Safe Low Cost Drinking Water Supplies

Be sure to visit the WWW2010 website to keep updated with daily postings during the event.