GWD Constitution Changes on the 2017 Agenda

Dear Member of the Ground Water Division,

It is December and the year is slowly running to an end. We wish all our members (prospective) a good ending to 2016.
The Seminar and Annual General Meeting on 3 November was attended by approximately 30 persons.  The talk on deep well testing was an enormous success and we thank Noah Heller and Steve Kalule for the contributions to the event.
The AGM is being moved ahead into the first quarter of 2017, as per constitution, and this communication serves to supply our membership with urgent matters requiring resolve. 
A number of responses were received regarding the proposed Code of Practice (CoP). The general feeling is that it will be beneficial, but that compliance cannot be forced on non-members of the GWD. Nonetheless, it is important to officially adhere to a CoP to define what is considered to be professional conduct in the industry, especially given the importance of professional registration of practicing members.  Increasing queries and concerns by the general public are being directed to the GWD and we have no official means of dealing with these matters. For the interim, it is proposed that the GSSA and SACNASP Codes of Conduct are officially adopted while the GWD considers options with respect to competence in the field. 
As a division of the GSSA, many queries are directed to them. The GSSA is also actively involved in the professional registration of Earth Scientists and Geological Scientists under which the GWD members register.  Our conduct therefore needs to be clarified in order for us to eventually take more responsibility for our own profession.
Changes to the Constitution are becoming increasingly important given that the last official update was in 2000.  Some suggestions are proposed in the attached link (please click on this link to open the document):

We request our paid members to return this completed form indicating their votes to the secretariat within by 31 January 2017.  This will be seen as voting by ballot, although votes are submitted in electronic format, and majority vote will be implemented per clause.  Members not voting will be accepted as being impartial.  Given the long period of voting, the tallied votes are considered enough for implementation of changes.  Please indicate your vote clearly by selecting "in favour" or "against" at each point.
A full update to the constitution will follow shortly, following time for the membership to supply input.  The imminent matters below are, however, of immediate importance, especially given the new ExCo elections at the end of 2017 and the implementation of the SACNASP CPD points system.

Thank you to all for your support this year and have a great holiday season!
GWD National Chair: Dr Matthys Dippenaar
and GWD EXCO 2016/7