Provocation Series - New release

The Gauteng City-Region Observatory’s Provocations is an on-going series of thinkpieces that give a platform to cutting edge thinking on current issues of the day, written and presented in non-academic style and format. Each Provocation is offered by an academic or practitioner for reading by a wide audience, with the hope of shedding light on key topics relevant to researchers, policy-makers, business people, activists and members of the public.

The latest release in this series is titled: THE DECANTING OF ACID MINE WATER IN THE GAUTENG CITY-REGION by Prof. Terence McCarthy

The series aims to challenge conventional understandings, stimulate new thinking, stir up debate and incite readers to respond with interpretations of their own. At times, the thoughts offered will exasperate, perhaps even anger. Each piece goes through rigorous editing, but the analysis, views and opinions presented are solely those of the author.

The GWD make a .pdf version (890kb) of this publication available to members. It can be downloaded from the following link:
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