GW Modelling & Risk Assessment course


Be sure to register for the upcoming course: "Groundwater Modelling & Risk Assessment - Focus on the Mining Environment"
To be hosted in Pretoria on 29 November to 3 December 2010, expert presenters such as Dr. Christoph Konig, Prof Kai Witthuser, Dr Ingrid and Dr Rainier Dennis will instruct this 5 day intensive hands-on and application orientated course. It will provide the attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to solve mining related groundwater problems quickly and efficiently. Software used in the tutorials includes PMWIN (a finite difference groundwater package), SPRING (a numerical model specifically developed for the simulation of groundwater flow in the mining environment) and Groundwater Expert (a stochastic based risk assessment package).

"We can predict how current trends will effect us in the future. If we do not like the future that is projected,  we can choose to change those trends..." Peter Glieck 

Select your registration option (Full attendance, day 1-3 or day 4-5) and email your registration form to training [at] ceh [dot] co [dot] za or fax to 086 693 5739.

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