Presentation and Networking event at Stellenbosch University (GWD WCape)

Event Date: 
26 Aug 18:00 - 20:00
Event Description: 

"A journey of discovery - the hidden hydrology of Groenvlei."

Presenter: Dr Roger Parsons

Join us for the next event.
A presentation and networking event at Stellenbosch University.
Title: A journey of discovery – the hidden hydrology of Groenvlei.
Topic: Dr Parsons will discuss why he tackled a Ph.D late in his career, some
of the poor science he had to deal with along the way and how this
helped him develop a scientifically sound understanding of the role of
groundwater in sustaining Groenvlei.
Date: Wednesday 26 August 2015
Time: 18h00
Venue: Stellenbosch University - Geology Department (a map can be supplied)
Social: Snacks & drinks afterwards
Please distribute to all who may be interested. Roger Parsons is an outstanding
presenter. We hope to see you there.
Please RSVP to Julian Conrad (jconrad [at] geoss [dot] co [dot] za) by midday 24 August 2015.
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