GWD WCAPE: Lecture - My key groundwater lesson

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07 Sep 17:00 - 20:00
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Next GWD Lecture – 7 September 2017

In response to the good turn-out at the last GWD seminar on Tuesday (45) and to an idea from Marlese Nel, the next GWD lecture is scheduled for 7 September 2017 at 5 pm at UWC.

This evening will take a slightly different format.  I am looking for 15 volunteers to describe in 3 minutes the most Ah ha moment in their hydrogeological career – that single moment when the penny dropped or you re-leant something that you had forgotten.  Each presentation will be followed by 3 minutes for questions.  Typically I am looking to the more experienced hydrogeologists to do this – and thereby share their learnings with those at the start or in the early part of their career; but I will consider all interesting proposals irrespective.  To make this interesting we need a variety of experiences from a diverse set of individuals.

I hope to get enough keen and enthusiastic volunteers by 17 August not to have to do any army volunteering.  Less than 20% of you responded to my call for RSVP’s for the last seminar – just saying.

So by way of example – one of my many Ah ha moments - occurred in 2010 when I had just drilled my best borehole ever.  The blow yield was more than 30 L/s and I had a very happy client.  All was well.  When I tested the borehole at 21 L/s, it was clear that the borehole was nowhere close to 20 L/s, and that a long-term yield of maybe 10 L/s could only be verified by long-term pumping and monitoring.  While the cost of a good pumping test is substantial and sometimes begrudged by us and our clients, it is crazy to spend any money on developing pumping and reticulation infrastructure without appropriate testing.  After all, the cost of a pumping tests is a fraction of the cost of supplying electricity and laying pipelines.  If I had advised that the borehole could yield 30 L/s and the reticulation system had been designed at that capacity, much money would have gone down the drain.  This was a key groundwater lesson for me.


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