Cemeteries Roadshow - WESTERN CAPE

Event Date: 
29 May 16:00 - 19:00
Event Description: 

Investigation for cemeteries has received very little attention.  Risks are not negligible and may, in certain instances, be significant, affecting human and environmental health and safety.  New findings are presented together with case studies to contribute to the risk assessment for new cemetery sites, and to the monitoring and management of existing cemeteries.  The work forms part of a Water Research Commission project on the hydrological and geotechnical impacts of interments. 

Presenter: Dr Matthys Dippenaar (PhD PrSciNat)
Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology, Geology Department, University of Pretoria

The talk will cover the following topics:
Risks posed by interment (burial)   |   Hydraulics, geotechnics and water quality considerations   |   Social
considerations   |   New findings emanating from the completed project on risks posed by cemeteries   |  
Contributions to the hydrogeological and engineering geological assessment for new sites   |   Additional
and cross-disciplinary considerations for the investigation, monitoring and management of cemeteries   |  
Case studies
SACNASP CPD (3 hours) and is aimed at engineering geologists, hydrogeologists and environmental

Tue 29 May


University of the Western Cape
Life Sciences Building  SEM 1A.

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