Applied Basic Geological Skills Workshop (GSSA)

Event Date: 
15 Mar 07:45 - 16 Mar 09:00
Event Description: 
Applied Basic Geological Skills Workshop
A one & a half- day workshop
Friday 15th March 2013
Sturrock Park, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Saturday 16th March 2013
Own car trip to Council for Geosciences coreyard, Pretoria
The DPP Applied Basic Geological Skills Workshop is aimed at entrant geologists to industry in these tough times. In the past, vocational training was administered by large mining houses with specific training programmes that imparted basic work-related skills to new recruits. This ensured a basic on the job competency and gave junior geologists a solid starting point from which to tackle their new duties and roles. In the present environment many of these programmes have been removed and there is a growing “skills rift” between those entering theindustry from that which is required. Very often there are too few senior  personnel to effectively impart skills and mentor entrant geologists.
This DPP Workshop has been designed to bridge this “skills rift” and impart some basic practical skills. The workshop will practically demonstrate how to correctly collect and treat samples, how to approach basic mapping, drill rig management, core handling, core marking and logging, database management and technical reporting. Whilst other courses may exist that provide a more in-depth treatment of subjects, it is the intention of this workshop to provide a “kick-start” to career development training. The programme will give new recruits improved confidence and understanding in tackling their new roles by providing guidelines and procedures towards successfully completing tasks. Additionally, it will be a networking opportunity for geologists embarking on their careers.
The workshop will be held at Sturrock Park over one and a half days with the first day comprising of lectures on a variety of topics. The half-day will be held at the Council for Geosciences in Pretoria and will focus on
implementation of skills with practical instruction in core logging, a geologist’s most fundamental skill.
The cores that will be examined are cores of sedimentary rocks from the Zululand basin. The cores contain variolitic sandstones, shales,mudstones, marls and conglomerates with different porosities and different sedimentary structures. The logging techniques of such structures will be trained, next to logging of streaks of bituminous material, other organics, fossil content and other diagnostic properties of sedimentary rocks.


Applied Basic Geological Skills Announcement 2013

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