The Karoo Groundwater Expert Group (KGEG) focuses on the understanding of Karoo hydrogeology and its application to specific areas in the western, central and eastern Karoo. This current group assists with the assessment of risks and mitigating measures related to possible shale gas development activities.

As of January 2014 the Karoo Groundwater Expert Group comprises the members as shown below:

Available documents


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  • Papers presented at the Groundwater Conference, September 2013
    WRC Dialogue - Karoo Aquifers and Unconventional Gas Exploration

Recent Developments in the Understanding of Karoo Aquifers and the Deeper Underlying Formations
P. Rosewarne, A. Woodford, M. Goes, S. Talma, R. O’Brien, G. Tredoux, C. Esterhuyse, D. Visser and G. van Tonder

Southern African Pre-Cretaceous Deep Groundwater Flow Regimes: Evidence and Drivers
E. van Wyk

Natural Methane in the Karoo: Its Occurrence and Isotope Clues to its Origin
S. Talma and C. Esterhuyse

Potential Impacts of Fracking on Groundwater in the Karoo Basin of South Africa
G. van Tonder, F. de Lange, G. Steyl and D. Vermeulen

The Complexity of Baseline Monitoring in Unconventional Gas Projects
R. O’Brien, S.Talma, G. Tredoux

Towards the Effective Management of Groundwater Resources during Unconventional Gas Mining
S. Esterhuyse

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